Learn advanced techniques for dancing the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, composer, ...
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25 Responses to “How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle : How to Do Advanced Moves in the Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. ilovemusic63733 says:

    It’s Andre 3000 doing the Melbourne shuffle with a I Love Hot Moms T-shirt…

  2. jafet Figueroa says:

    not that close to hardstyle you keep practicing lol

  3. Snoop dogs loves hot moms

  4. r1senwarr10r15 says:

    umm wat the hell im better than this guy =-O

  5. Luis Escalante says:

    I kept laughing all the way!! LOL

  6. XxEPICxCRAFTxX says:

    shit shufffling


  7. Joakim Nesvik says:

    I have learn a thing about Darin! He love hot moms :D!

  8. it looks weird

  9. JRdutchProductions says:

    nice T-shirt! haha love it

  10. paperboy3677 says:

    i love hot moms

  11. What’s Up Snoop Dog 😛

  12. XxProsOfCodxX says:

    youtube transilated this to english .. :/ XD

  13. u look like snoop dogg

  14. Eugene Terbonssen says:

    yeah snoopdog

  15. SteezeWithEaseLB says:

    1:15 lolololololol

  16. MrWducktion says:

    Good video but these are the basic steps?

  17. Alejandro McAnally says:

    i wish to be black :C


  19. William Chatigny says:

    Gotta love his shirt LOL

  20. djaugmentor says:

    press 8 for hardcore

  21. faytisurdstny says:

    Gotta start somewhere douchbag.

  22. sosvocaloid says:

    Press 4 for hardness

  23. i <3 hot moms really

  24. i thought he was gay buuuut… hes black

  25. Pchela Ubica says:

    this is not advanced.. THIS IS SHUFFLE FOR NOOBS