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This is how I usually dance when I'm at a club ;p Song name: Don't know really. I found it in a mix: Armin van Buuren presents - A State of Trance Episode 414

45 Responses to “How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle: How to Do Freestyle Moves”

  1. Wargammer1998 says:

    Oh snap

  2. TheAsianBoi72ndST says:

    @LbcLukky562 shuffling is not dead! go to melbourne or sydney. You’ll see my point then

  3. chubbychilli says:

    0:11 wrong camera!

  4. YourFavoriteFiend says:

    @LbcLukky562 Psh! We shufflers dance because we like it not because its “in” and I’m sure people who do other dances can say the same thing. Shake my head. . .

  5. TheAt0M100 says:

    You made me so happy.

  6. Dah808HaYn says:

    why was shuffling even made??

  7. loverdesquised says:

    white boy can dance! -_-

  8. coach9087 says:


  9. LbcLukky562 says:

    Shuffling is DEAD!!

  10. Menzel12846 says:

    that was so cool!

  11. Doglover1659 says:


  12. im ugly :'(

  13. there is no right or wrong just the moment 😛 !!!!!

  14. Fags, be quiet! let this man dance in peace, LOL

  15. shitflopgaymershow says:

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  16. pinkyjoyce says:

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  18. second 🙂
    great job

  19. mundoperrovideo says:

    third!oh shit…i mean second!!!

  20. ClubPenguinNews80 says:


  21. BladeWard529 says:

    Great dancer bro, keep it up.
    Love your style.

  22. kolbkoloss says:

    sick style dude! 🙂

  23. MT1snickers says:

    i love the combo of trance n shuffle! great vid man!!! 

  24. Brendamin1029 says:

    you should upload the tutorial!! I love your moves its so smooth 🙂

  25. perladactyl says:

    amazing 😀

  26. MrGrandmasterchief says:

    Eyes sez yes.. feet sez HELL no ^^

  27. KrizFoxHB says:

    chek mi vid brow …
    Its a fucking trance 😀

  28. ekcoupesl says:

    Love the style! Unique footwork, Great job, great song!

  29. 140BeatsPerMinute says:

    Love it when people dance like this to trance!

  30. Desminith says:

    cool song, better dancing- you sir are Winning

  31. djtrans512 says:

    thats the style ive been looking for

  32. PaintTheSilence94 says:

    Bästa stilen jag hittils sett. Är du med i Fest hos mange?

  33. i remember this 🙂 avlid for president!

  34. kKeysproductions says:

    love this!

  35. Marvellous and smooth! :)

  36. sandiego61921 says:

    you have my favorite style i have seen yet. 

  37. ur real good man

  38. REVOCABRON420 says:


  39. lowflyerke says:

    Dude, this is really awesome!!! NICE NICE!!! You should learn me that thrue you tube!!

  40. ur cute n i loves trance n shufflin g lets hook up ehehe 🙂

  41. TheCoilomat says:

    The Name of the Song is:

    Michael Jackson — Stranger In Moscow (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

  42. jonesy911234 says:

    the song name is Michael Jackson – Stranger In Moscow (Jerome Isma-Ae Bootleg)

  43. This style is always great to look at. Cheers mate…

  44. Grillspett45 says:

    Is that rebook shoes? ^^
    NIce shuffling dudE!

  45. jonesy911234 says:

    not going to lie its a hot style