Crazy German declares how to dance to the music style called Gabber...
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25 Responses to “How to dance to Gabber… Sziget 2007”

  1. looks like they are camping in the bush for an acid festival. bush doof?

  2. moofyforever says:

    that isnt gabbering you stupid fucks

  3. H8CoreGoere says:

    Wenn man es nicht kann sollte man es lieber lassen…ungewaschene Punks lol
    passt schon ganz gut ….versager


  5. Shufflehrd says:

    Speedcore’s shit

  6. CodeZeroAce says:

    I have to jerk off in a sppedcore style jsut liek that

  7. haha typical germans

  8. wow thats ….. terrible, specially the music

  9. Immer das selbe mit so ungewaschenen punks. ROFL

  10. kranke musik

  11. nedzad nedzad says:

    speedcore is to goddamn fast for dancing.

  12. BlackBoy631 says:

    Was für Vollidioten Fucking Punks Alles asis

  13. Soroush Fardin says:

    wasted 46 seconds of my fucking life you silly cunts.

  14. Sicke Leute

  15. davegabber1 says:

    fottiti sfigato

  16. yous are dum fucks ill fuck you doggs up

  17. MaxXximUs89 says:

    Wascht euch mal lieber ihr Penner und geht arbeiten und pennert nicht im
    zelt rum

  18. lozers

  19. @TheDaniel121 probs ecstacy

  20. nicolasito77 says:


  21. this is not gabber,this is speedcore

  22. koolkatkake says:

    Looks like their having a fit…… While wanking…… o.0

  23. sMurff0hkK says:

    oh god.

  24. hey kid, fedex me some of ur kush.. retard fuck off

  25. Speedcorehakkekind says:

    our gabber-music will own ur life motherfuckers