Made by jeffrey.

by carlos dirikted by carlos.
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25 Responses to “How to do Shuffle switch”

  1. Sadistic Joe says:

    Is this recorded with a potato?!..

  2. MistrzGerwazy says:

    nice quality ; )

  3. TomaHawck14 says:

    shuffle it’s good… but you have dirt shocks :D:D:D

  4. Artur Tesoto says:

    Parabéns ! vejam o meu, começando espero que entendam.

  5. XxT3CHNOKIDxX says:

    My name is Jeffrey too!!! 😀

  6. me4ever47 says:

    everyday im shuffling

  7. omg! rocket legs 🙂

  8. PolarTouch says:

    I see you farmin primals in shadowmoon valley, 10 cents an hour’s good money when you are chinese? same song used in WoW machinema? Ni-hao a old farmers story?:D

  9. Christian Eriksen says:

    shut up u wish u could dance like that

  10. iwatch99vids says:

    looks like a fkn ballerina

  11. Pizza derp says:

    whats the song of tis song!

  12. forsomereasonIhateu says:

    Fucking Hokey pokey is what it looks like. Or the fag shuffle.

  13. Edgar Garcia says:

    maaaaan epic fail on your part kid look up “moon boy” now thats shuffleing

  14. fuckin wanker thats crip walking only fags crip walk get a life you wanker

  15. mrkatiehannah says:

    this isnt the shuffle >_> ahah and that song suckkkkksssss

  16. antiGkskl says:

    HAHAHAAH wtf
    i love it when people get mad on youtube X)

  17. there’s melbourne shuffling then there’s the c-walk move, durr

  18. naruto97877 says:

    like some shit

  19. jesus Christ ye maybe hes wrong but dont fuckin shout at him lol he can do something decent atleast 🙂

    n1 mate

  20. kyleKAB00M says:

    Your a fucking moron.

    A shuffle switch is a c-walking move.
    Ignorant piece of shit

  21. KrazyBogan says:

    queer cunt, thats c-walk not shuffle, fucking wannabe nigga

  22. Hunter1801192 says:

    dude u look like ur doin warm up excercises

  23. c-walk

  24. cybershot69 says:

    fucking hiphop shizzle

  25. LadyIshida says:

    it’s not shuffle