How to do The Running Man (Basic) (Melbourne Shuffle)

This videos teaches you how to do the running man for the melbourne shuffle.
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7 Responses to “How to do The Running Man (Basic) (Melbourne Shuffle)”

  1. Alex La Rosa says:

    lol, no just at webcam, all i had 2 years ago but now i have a professional video camera and I’m finishing my first video production.

  2. pyromaniac2344 says:

    No it was a potato

  3. AllYourLifeAndMineX3 says:

    So, what brand of potato did you film this on? 🙂

  4. Abbie Tollefson says:

    So many other how to vies of this make it soo complicated. Thank you. Very good job.

  5. ArtisticwithaK says:

    Did you film this with a calculator?

  6. KidDarknessBboy says:

    Nice teaching. But you should work on how to make a good film buddy!

  7. Mister Tibbles says:

    horrible text color, can hardly see it