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24 Responses to “How to Do the Running Man Dance”

  1. soli betraetns says:

    LOL , ziet er raar uit man!

  2. this isn’t some fucking ballet recital. there is more than one version.

  3. Stryker XL says:

    Master Yi’s new dance 😀

  4. Kwipper Ursus says:

    How many of you are here because of Spoony?

  5. supercool1412 says:

    Justin Bieber Bored game led me here not spoony….

  6. the internet is a small place…

  7. Pilsendog says:

    Thumbs up is Spoony led you here!

  8. abdallah nsib says:

    u’ve gotta continue man

  9. Chris Diacoff says:

    that niggas doin the calton skank

  10. brittanyking71 says:

    Do a dance South Dallas swag

  11. manuchamp99 says:

    Nice, but needed 90s hip hop at the end!

  12. Dominus Vasilev says:

    I watched like 3 videos before this one and it just didn’t happen. With this one it took me literally 10minutes to learn. Professor Lock THANK YOU 😀

  13. i just look like an idiot while doing it 😛 any tips ?

  14. Audrey Jean says:

    I learned that dance in the 90″s when my cousins came down from NY and I was 15 and it took me a long time to get but when I got it in a few months I was a pro and still a pro at 36

  15. Rusty3197 says:

    This dance is a good cardio work out. lol

  16. Rusty3197 says:

    This dance is a good cardio work out.

  17. timothymora10599 says:

    Guys who disliked this are the ones who’ll never learn how to dance

  18. timothymora10599 says:

    now this guy is the OG!

  19. Gunay Daniels says:

    i suck at everything 🙁

  20. Roger Rudder says:

    Thanks man. I saw it and could not get it, I saw you and got in two minutes.

  21. Annie Bell says:

    No wrong

  22. MrTheoneandonly says:

    I be hating heeheheah

  23. Michael Bergmann says:

    U cant dance the runnig man search for
    Realboy – The Ritz (TSC – Forsythe)
    that the running man at the first time!

  24. SamuraikiddN says:

    Ok, so Hitler was a cool guy, as was Kony and Ghengis Khan