Tracy dancing in a very Tracy-esque manner. Dylan joins in at one point.

11 Responses to “How to Melbourne Shuffle like a pro!”

  1. jumpn shuffle says:

    hey smart guy guess what. hardstyle is music and dance

  2. penguin219 says:

    and pina colada boy is definitely not hardstyle.

  3. penguin219 says:

    the people who are upset about this make me laugh. its called not being serious and having fun.

  4. nbezzy212 says:

    you guys cant shuffle to save u guyzs life i can even shuffle better than you guys can

  5. gracie6611 says:

    No offense but dylan is better hten tracy o; VERY BETTER ._.

  6. borisHoTI says:




    you guys must be fuckin retarded? when the hell did such music as thisbecome hardstyle xD?

    and besides they are just havin fun

  7. partepelle says:

    Shame Shame,My Sister Can Do Better!
    And She’s 6.

  8. Moises Patino says:

    why the fuk would you put this up… look stupid and your making fun of hardstyle

  9. bombskillet99 says:

    your better than mi i suk lolz


    totaly crazy girl =D ae da hora ri pra p…. rsrsr

  11. Johnathan Truong says:

    u guys retarded. dont make fun of hardstyle dammit