This is my second tutorial in this tutorial I will be going over advanced melbourne shuffle moves Enjoy.

17 Responses to “How To Melbourne Shuffle(Advanced)Pt.2”

  1. XxTheHolyMenxX says:

    Teach transitions to the moves. They need to know how to get back the the running man

  2. Dude teach us how to put moves togather if we know how to do a few moves

  3. thx for you have patience to teach…but also so hard to learn for me

  4. haloreachnerds457 says:

    You Suck !

  5. WreckyallSideways says:

    Well when your in your t step/shuffle you instead of stepping to the side put your foot in front of your other and then running man

  6. Kissislove17 says:

    Thx for the info, been trying to learn the melb, and this answered a lot of my questions 😀

  7. nikemonster92 says:

    Hey bro how do you transition t step to running man and from running man to t step and how do you add spins

  8. chrisrock124 says:

    Whats the new crew called? I didn’t hear it to good

  9. nick giarrusso says:

    do you think you could show how to go to the side while doing the running man?

  10. MyPimpingNeonDots says:

    this helped so much!! i feel like im better now 🙂 me and my friend are gonna upload our shuffle vids soon

  11. KeybladeHero01 says:

    I’m already 21 and im just beginning to learn how to shuffle lol. Age doesn’t really matter. Just do what you love!! =D

  12. I have lots of them look at my channel

  13. Make a video of you dancing to hardstyle

  14. im just about to turn 18 do u think thts too old to learn how to shuffle

  15. Learning2Shuffle says:

    Love your tut im getting 10x better by watching this other than others

  16. zach goldberg says:

    Oh man u deserve way more than ur getting. U for sure have one of the best tuts on YouTube, you just gotta get recognized now ;P

  17. Good memories dude, goodluck with the new crew 🙂