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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “How To PARTY ROCK SHUFFLE! LMFAO”

  1. soloquickscopes says:

    😮 i juss learned how to shuffle like a boss lol

  2. Skwisgaar4256 says:

    I liked the part where the video ended 😀

  3. PatrickKrimson says:


  4. i learned to shuffle 😀
    thx :D

  5. converseloveryay says:

    I LOVED it , thank you!!! I liked when you said ,”I like turtles”!(:

  6. Th3GamerFTW says:

    @brocklesner1011 HOMO FAAAAAAAAAAG!#$@#! No bad memories, bro.

  7. inuyasha114XD says:

    I LEARNED TO SHUFFLE!!! And ur even MORE awesome that u like anime 😀

  8. brocklesner1011 says:

    was i the only 1 with a boner :/

  9. o0SaNaRu0o says:

    nice tutorial! but i hate LMFAO for ruin a dance style. now everybody thinks he is cool because he can shuffle like a dumbass. they don’t even listen to hardstyle or other good music….

  10. It tought me to shufle
    Christain (SHUFLER) .

  11. TatorTotsCanFly360 says:

    I was the 9,500th Person that Liked this Vid 😀 lol JS

  12. I Knew He Was Doing This Like Spongebob
    Its a shame i knew how to do the Boppidie Bop Ba Ba

  13. This reminded me of spongebob. This is the best video ive seen in my life.

  14. 2:34 “That’s “two” in Spanish yo!” lol

  15. How many shoes have u worn off doing this????

  16. hordekiller13 says:


  17. At the minute 1:50 …. I think I was trolled…

  18. slytherin990204 says:

    …..just realized that I started to do the running man since I was 10 I’m 13 now and I didn’t notice

  19. pimpin9363456 says:

    when he was talking about the history of melbourne shuffling he got that from the wikipedia

  20. beaner10113 says:

    i made my self a youthbe account just to say I FUCKING LOVE this video!!! i learned how to shuffle trough this video now im kick ass at my schools dances!!!!! 😀

  21. MischaahcsiM says:

    LMFAO and the history of mbs in one video…

    what a shame!

  22. I love this videoooooooo! <3 I LOVE YOUUU :DD

  23. beefybigmac425 says:

    It reminds me of a spongebob episode I watched as a kid
    Loved that episode just as much as this one only this one is funnier

  24. LlamaBlueProductions says:

    juzdin…your ceiling is talking to me!!

  25. 1arualblack1 says:

    haha, i showed this to my spanish friend xD