Our re-make of the, "How to Dance at a Rave." video.

25 Responses to “How To Rave”

  1. rasmussn101 says:

    NOT COOL you just took trampa med leroy and made your own vid ! :p
    wannabees πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, people relax. This is obviously more about having fun and a laugh.
    Does this look like a serious rave guide to you? Duh. I thought it was a
    fun video, and it gave me a giggle. Thanks for sharing!


    If I danced like this at Rave, the Kandy Kids would beat my ass.

  4. I want to rave with yuu =3

  5. what song is this

  6. whiskeybulle says:

    Niggers cannot rave!

  7. that is SHIT !!!

  8. how old are you and if they played that at the raves i go too the dj had
    better be able to run lol you are in for a shock when you do find a reall
    rave come to sunny little England rave is back but not the cheesy shit just
    dirty bass

  9. bethanybeckley says:

    I will stick to cheerleading, and I’m not just good at it, I’m the SHIT at
    it. I wasn’t attempting to post a real rave video, sweetheart. Me and my
    best friend created a video of us having fun in the study, for people who
    aren’t ignorant fucks-such as yourself- to watch. This song isn’t “trip
    hop” just so you know. This is called a remix, you should look it up on
    google. Now do the world a favor and go get a good education, and try not
    to outdue your own ignorance next time πŸ™‚

  10. killerbunneh24 says:

    Haha looks like fun πŸ˜€

  11. bethanybeckley says:

    it was just a techno dance mix of ushers song “yeah” I don’t remember who
    the artist was.

  12. just awesome. came across this video by chance and thats pretty much how i
    taught a few of my friends how to rave. wouldnt mind raving with either of
    you (no creepyness intended, for real)

  13. Antonio Lugo says:

    esa pinche negra q wuaka q asco

  14. olivia is so sexy..dang i wish i had another class with her

  15. ravingducke says:

    this is so freaking retarded, some one hit these girls and make them go
    make a sandwich. but i bet they will even fuck that up too

  16. patricco90 says:

    Call that a rave haha… Louder music an more rave music :>

  17. Elektronik says:

    ever heard this on a rave? lmao if this is rave im going to get my cock
    eaten by locusts

  18. jonthybond says:

    wtf?!?!? one thats not rave music two unless its jumpstyle ravers dont jump
    around like that and instead of calling that guy and ignorant fuck maybe
    you shouldnt call it “How To Rave” maybe you should have put it as “Me and
    My Best Friend Having Fun”….? maybe?

  19. your actually cute just dont try so hard next time lol

  20. Elli-Monsterr Sabe says:

    pop that ass! haha white girl’s FINE!!! -Silent Profanity<3 p.s. this isn't
    raving but it did make me smile(:

  21. please stick to cheerleading. maybe you are good at that… you are
    obviously NOT a raver. go to a real raver and come back and post a video.
    the kids who do make a rave video, are atleast good at it. and if you going
    to attempt to make a rave video.. PLEASE CHOOSE A BETTER EFFING SONG!
    this..is nassssty triphop song.

  22. liquidlightrave99 says:

    Hahahah entertaining for sure lol

  23. bethanybeckley says:

    All my friends are hot πŸ™‚

  24. Jayda Kincaid says:

    wow…strangely entertaining. hopefully u were joking but still, at least
    it looks like u r having fun. lol. πŸ™‚

  25. pilotblack says:

    the black girl is so f.N hot