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8 Responses to “How to Shuffle! – All Steps”

  1. greekvirus37 says:

    hahaha legend man thats awesome!!!!!!

  2. proshufflaa says:

    OMG no top comment!!

  3. kajaznamful says:

    TURN UP A LIGHT!!!!!!!!

  4. GhostlyShuffle says:

    haha very nice tut vid. this is sebastian from abc and i checked out ur vid liked u asked ^^

  5. jordansempai says:

    1. We are literate American, so learn how to type
    2. You saw the video wanting to learn, so you do that
    3. It’s sad that you take the energy just to watch a video just so that you can criticize it.

  6. matias valkama says:

    u rinning man is like 2 step that video is bull shit!!!!

  7. LocoColt04 says:

    Man, you really rip it up after 7:30!

  8. Adam Torres says:

    hahaha really good bro