how to do the basics of shuffle dance, like the running man and t-step
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25 Responses to “How To Shuffle: Basics For Beginners”

  1. Kylesargento says:

    Haterz ganna hate(:

  2. mayraakaninja says:

    Nicee (: this helped me teach otherz

  3. RawrrrItsMoi says:

    i cant do the runingman it kinda cunfusea me idk why …but im perfect with the T prob cause its easy lol

  4. RawrrrItsMoi says:

    yeay i am a new dub steper haha

  5. MrOliwer233 says:

    i hate this !!!!

  6. Michelle Davalos says:

    this vid helped thankzz 🙂

  7. Victoria Burciaga's says:

    I can only do the running man the T-Steep is hard

  8. Deathpunch98 says:


  9. XxGorexCelxX says:

    The song is called “What They Don’t Like” by Pitchers

  10. caquita671 says:

    that is bull shit

  11. HappyPivotDude says:

    Yo man, The T-step is wrong there or im not sure if there´s 2 ways but ive learned it in other way .__.. Anyway cool totorial dude 😉

  12. MrVachJan says:


  13. hufflepuffxlovex says:

    Hopefully I can learn how to do the to step with this!

    Thanks for the tutorial

  14. simsgeekx says:

    nicee:) thanks

  15. TheSwagginbeast says:

    What Editing System Do You Use Bro ?

  16. fernndogggmail says:

    my computer makes the video end at 0:29 🙁

  17. MsChrisybee says:

    thanks to your video I learned to shuffle 🙂 <3

  18. TwilighterThe1st says:

    For some reason I can only do the T-step and not the running man… 🙁

  19. TwilighterThe1st says:

    Have you tried to put your arms up when you do the t-step? It’s much easier when you have your arms up and not straight. 🙂

  20. FilipinoSw4g21 says:

    win win

  21. Fallout3sFinest says:

    dude you’re set then, t-step is easier

  22. monique MAGANA says:

    love it i acctully watched 10 times

  23. tristan calano says:

    so easy

  24. lillygal1111 says:

    i just like listening to this song.

  25. rawhamburger123 says:

    piece of crap at 1:25