BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. Learn the T Shuffle(T Step) Tutorial
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Sorry for the mess ~ we opened a new shuffle crew [Israeli] plz support us thanx :* Israeli Purim HarDance Meetup Event:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

49 Responses to “How to Shuffle Dance Part 2”

  1. jamesfintona123 says:

    Brilliant ;)

  2. The15paula says:

    Most awesome tutorial ever! Thanks, it really helped! 😀

  3. 我一定会学会的!!!!i will do it someday!!

  4. taylorannecheng says:

    how long does it take you to get used to and being good at with all these movements?

  5. Adam Wiles & Calvin Harris – I’m Not Alone (deadmau5 Mix)

  6. Fighter870 says:

    Man i know basic C-Walk and this is somehow easy 😀

  7. W1ld3g4m3r says:

    @tinkerbellfreek Pretty much same here :P

  8. HaleyWolfy says:

    Easy to understand but I can not do it!!!! Ugh I just am a fail

  9. what is the best way to control the t shufle without even losing balance when doing it?

  10. vengeancetheirsouls says:

    you’re so awesome <3

  11. W1ld3g4m3r says:


    I cant learn shuffle atm, cus i have to get another pair of socks..

  12. tinkerbellfreek says:

    I’m watching this video so I can be the next badass at the next high school dance… heh…

  13. if u know the jerk this is kinda easy

  14. heyitskyrap says:

    how can you do it so fast like that its so good

  15. @TonyTouch831 hey man i have a problame i dont know why when i do the running man it looks bad and i am slow i keep trying to get faster but i just cant i end up doing it 1 step or 2 steps but not as fast as it should be! however i do the T shuffle and spin and the GLIDE any tips

  16. toxichuggz says:

    does the feet have to be at the back of the other? 0-0

  17. TheArtisticDesigner says:

    What I did is wear socks a little to big on carpet and it helps alot

  18. wargame888 says:

    you owe me a pair of socks mister >.> nice video btw xD

  19. ILoveMusicRnBMovesMe says:

    Your tutorials (all of them) are very slow and helpful!!
    Thanks alot :)

  20. carlapeace99 says:

    is it better to shuffle first with socks on floor then carpet

  21. he makes it look easy becuz it is easy it took me only 1 day i practiced for 4 hours

  22. Definitely one of the BETTER tutorials out there, ive seen at least 5 tutorials so far.
    Keep it up 😀 keep more coming!

  23. Your vids helpin me alot thx times 10

  24. awsome…now i jhave to figure out how to do it XD…..u make it look so easy

  25. @RaulokoSiC
    <3 <3 *_*

  26. RaulokoSiC says:

    * —— * Perfect, I love you :$

  27. himekoXang says:

    lol thats funny and thanx <3

  28. himekoXang says:

    thanx 😀

  29. i feel hypnotized watching your feet move.. lol.. xDD

  30. nice!:)

  31. himekoXang says:


  32. himekoXang says:

    aww thnx *-*

  33. himekoXang says:

    thank you 🙂

  34. himekoXang says:

    lol Allys reid – the dark side
    pm me if you cant find O:

  35. himekoXang says:

    thank you very much! <3

  36. great good luck with that new crew :D!

  37. XUnholyWrathX says:

    Question to ya, what is the song you used? XD

  38. SickBeatsHarDance says:

    plz support us <3

  39. pretty good one
    liked it


  40. SrbijaRulesTheWorld says:

    You look so cute *-*

  41. ShirAmit1000 says:

    תותחית כרגיל ♥

  42. angyuriklal22 says:


  43. @kalalit
    Klalit your so funny xDDD….thank you <3 but it wasnt hardstyle :DDDDDD

  44. @maarcuzxd
    No.. haha as klalit said 😛 stupid pants -_- was too lazy to put new one’s hehe
    thank you 🙂

  45. himekoXang says:

    aww thanx ^_^

  46. himekoXang says:

    Omo thank you darling <3333 xD

  47. himekoXang says:

    thanx! =D

  48. himekoXang says:

    thank you 🙂

  49. @maarcuzxd she wasn’t showing her ass. She was covering it by pulling the shirt down. I wished she didn’t do that 😛 haha

    very nice shuffling Ang 🙂 totally love it!! you shuffle hardstyle now!! your feet comes straight down most of the time when you do running man. I really like the song choice too.