BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. Learn the basic Spins for the Shuffle.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. The Charleston tutorial.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 Responses to “How to Shuffle Dance Part 3”

  1. TonyTouch831 says:

    i will but first i need to get a new camera. looking for a good high quality hd 1080 canon or a nikon camera and they cost a lot of money. i want this video to be great

  2. lonleyloner220 says:

    @TonyTouch831 hey man do you think you could just put up some vids of some shuffling? i want to see what you really got ( obviously your better than me why else would i be here?).

  3. ForeverSmile6 says:

    Love Your Shuffle Tutorials:*! <333

  4. RockEvans97 says:

    I can do a lot f things but the running man :'(

  5. soccerrockslikehell says:

    u rock

  6. thumbs up if u learned the coreography of party rock =D

  7. YOU ARE LEGENDARY!! these are the most helpful instructional videos for shuffling i have found…you rock!!

  8. BigScaryFuzzMonster says:

    Thank you so much. ^_^ Your video’s have really got me improving! You are so far the most help with shuffling I’ve had yet.

  9. NICE

  10. Lol im so bad in this xD but i learn it slowely
    I learned alot of you thanks=)

  11. drummerboi537 says:

    the legs spins but my heads spin most

  12. anna0cat10 says:

    @TonyTouch831 YES THANK YOU! so much!

  13. TonyTouch831 says:

    the foot that’s back is the one you are going to use to do the spin. you push off with the foot that’s back and you spin on the foot that’s in front. look at it very closely at 3:21 hope this helps.

  14. anna0cat10 says:

    Great vid.! But another question again! With the spin shuffle 2 how so you spin around so smoothly? I loose my balance and can’t do that smooth and fast 🙁

  15. MatthewEnfield says:

    Thanks bro! I needed a new move for my bag of tricks! haha 😉 this helped alot, thanks again man

  16. TonyTouch831 says:

    Walking On A Dream(Kaskade Remix) – Empire of the Sun

  17. brutalmurder131 says:

    what is the name of that empire of the sun song remix???? I LOVE IT

  18. Nice tutorial, but i like Hardstyle more… 😀

  19. katrinaM00 says:

    lmao i fell while doing this 🙁

  20. marcuslimxx says:

    ur awesome man: D

  21. channeldennis says:

    @lovmjking58 me too but just learn learn learn and you will exceed

  22. Teothekiller500 says:

    please make a video with you shuffling

  23. It took me about two weeks tops to get it down, it’s quite simple : D

  24. @Renegadeairsoft Cheers.

  25. Renegadeairsoft says:

    @ParleLeVu I have had the same problem! but what i am doing and what i recommend is take the leg thats stationary (front) and go up on just that foot and than do the right to left movement its hard but do that and practice normally and you’ll get it

  26. How do you keep balance? I can do it about 4 times, then I lose balance. How can you make this a continuous dance?

  27. batmanarkhamasylum10 says:

    Tips for moving left foot and right leg I’m having trouble?

  28. geeez this is hard to do.

  29. Cool it

  30. lovmjking58 says:


  31. kontrs123 says:

    tyvm!!! Your videos helps me very much ^^

  32. DanGerouzsBoii says:

    is not american is brittish

  33. bjnutsy says:

    Lmfao and vans ftw

  34. papafreshness says:

    These are the best tutorials some tutorials only show you 2 things but his whole collection shows you a ton

  35. pamjane1981 says:

    Awwww yeaahh!! I know what dance ill be doin in the club next weekend..lmao

  36. TheLoneFreedom says:

    may i ask do u bend you knees while doing this i mean when u place your foot in front and back

  37. bombardant says:

    Can you tell us what shoes you are wearing?

  38. SWAGTAZTIC11 says:

    I love your vids your the bomb it’s so much fun shuffling

  39. DavisTruksans says:

    omg!! you’re the best!! I’m a beginner at this, but I already have learned 3first shuffle parts.
    thx, subbed.

  40. anna0cat10 says:

    whoo! thx! I sub.! plz send me tips! like ob balnceing!

  41. freakyleprechaun12 says:

    this is an awesome calf work out also

  42. emmainbed says:

    My grandmother saw me doing this in the kitchen, she went into an entire story of the charleston back in her day “>.<

  43. jbmljbml18 says:

    thanks man i perfected the V step and the running man but im still working on the charleston i know how to do it but my foot starts to hurt after a while.Your vids helped me out alot thx 😀 now time to get some chicks with the shuffle xD

  44. TheAzt3c says:

    nice vid, what shoes are u wearing?

  45. cheeway007 says:

    Nice , Can you recommend me some music similar to this ? i love this music