How to Shuffle Dance Part 5

BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. Learn the Delayed Running Man and Shuffle Spin #3
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  1. SuPaTuBeDuDe says:

    this guy is awesome thanks allot

  2. TheMoggameg says:

    I’m such a tard on dance floor, but by god im gonna do it!

  3. You…are a dance GOD. Your videos are very helpful for me. Thanks!

  4. Scraglemaster says:


  5. xXluis138Xx says:


  6. xXHannahhRayUndeadXx says:

    Could you make a video of the spin shuffle 3 just by itself? I can’t tell how to don’t in this one. Please please pleaseeeee!.(:

  7. “You should have mastered the Running Man by now. If you haven’t, go see my first tutorial”
    A.K.A if you don’t know how to this by now your no longer worth my time – GET OUT LoL
    Great Vids!

  8. filipvojtik says:

    Oh man! Your explaining everything so clearly and editing the video so profesionaly that if you was explaining the most difficult dance on the world than it would be easy to learn with you! Seariously Thank you so much for all the videos you did 🙂

  9. Hey you know i find all of your part 1-…. how to shuffle videos easier to understand 😀 It explain clearly and how to do it in slow motion… 😀 Thx for uploading these ^.^

  10. I love my favorite shuffle dance ever!!!

  11. how many videos do u have? btw great explanation

  12. fillipisgro says:

    best guide EVER (Y) =D

  13. Your badass at doing does steps

  14. Shadoweffix says:

    The “delayed running man” is called the backstep btw but great vid tho 😀

  15. sasukegutter says:

    i like it

  16. MrPillowCat7 says:

    hey i cant do this i wiegh 215 pounds and i just cant do it do u see a problem

  17. tanishen97 says:


  18. yewcutter83 says:

    Thx man. Shuffelin is really exhausting but worth it.
    I can do the running man really good but I suck at the charlston.
    Subbed I hope you make more soon. Thanks again:)

  19. frankibaii says:

    great help thanks

  20. vriesdemarcel says:

    love your tuts, helped me LOADS!! **subbed**

  21. WhalesLikeMe says:


  22. TonyTouch831 says:

    im working on that one right now. it will be done and up on youtube by tomorrow 5/14/2011

  23. sysingrobert19 says:

    hey mate.. we will be waiting for you golden robot dance moves tutorial.. and thx for uploading your other videos 🙂

  24. TonyTouch831 says:

    Tetris – Electrixx

  25. unknown29unknown says:

    what song is this?