BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. Learn the Spongebob Dance
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25 Responses to “How to Shuffle Dance Part 6”

  1. Wolfgasmic says:

    cool flannel

  2. LeopardizGRIZZ says:

    @TonyTouch831 hey tony i’ve been seeing your vids for quite a while now ( learning how to shuffle :P) anyways i subbed and b/w it is called the spongebob cause in one of the spongebob squarepants episodes he does a move thats exactly the same as this one

  3. OneStoneBird says:

    is it true that the spongebob is a jerk dance

  4. LeviTheGuitarHeroPro says:

    Why the move is called the Spongebob:
    Spongebob is awsome.
    The move is awsome.

    Explenation done.

  5. TheArtisticDesigner says:

    Its called the spongebob and I know how to do it cause it was in the jerk too

  6. JmDeGz231 says:

    Lol i just made this easily hardly lol!
    Ijust look on how to do it then i start closing my laptop and i keep on doing it on slowly getting faster! i cant make it lol
    but i tried it on my classroom!
    and then i show it to my classmates
    then after that i automatically made it lol…. i just do it and i Laugh!!!
    nice tutorial man

  7. Peso4niy says:

    @LOCKHEADgfx I learn this step in 1 hour )))

  8. nicki6479 says:

    Omg he writes the song title on every begging of the video

  9. MrAzlinazid says:


  10. TheXgreeniX says:

    How called this music please ?

  11. LOCKHEADgfx says:

    this step is very easy
    i learn this step in 3 days 😀
    the charleston step is more complicated
    btw thanks for your videos
    are very cool man 😀

  12. mastermaurizio says:

    fantastic… you’re so good 😉 congratulations…

  13. NoName9924 says:

    how long does it take to learn shuffle?

  14. TonyTouch831 says:

    that is a good question

  15. why do they call it the spongebob?

  16. MegaKris300 says:

    i bet the reason there is 1 disslike is cuz they couldn’t learn

  17. Sijiepotter says:


  18. MNAATTYY says:

    You are the first person who actually explains me all the flippin’ steps of every move…. Which is a great help, cause all i could do up till now it the v step….

  19. nicegirlturnedbad says:

    The dance is called spongebob

  20. stickman99534 says:

    the spongbob was part of jerking

  21. natvidad1 says:

    i have that polo -.-….
    and gud u helped me do the spongebob dance ..

  22. nissanzenkiboy says:

    You make it look so easy.

  23. AnimeGirl00136 says:

    I can’t find your 7th video. Is it down or something?

  24. socialempire123 says:

    nice video

  25. neverloveagain11 says:

    omg im sweating so hard this is awsome when he does it but mine doesnt look as good as his