How to Shuffle Dance Part 7

BEST SHUFFLE TUTORIAL. Learn the Kicks and Slides
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25 Responses to “How to Shuffle Dance Part 7”

  1. ilyaXshuffler says:

    i dunno why but the moon walk was hell easy to learn

  2. sugerhead3 says:

    ur AWESOME

  3. dreamingbiggreen says:

    rocketdogs work great also. thats wat i use whenevr i shuffle… or converse.

  4. AlEXH0YT says:

    2:05 that boi is jerkin!

  5. NataLiieYEAR says:

    Sooooooo good 😉 Thank you for all the nice videos 🙂

  6. Saintcorp says:

    You are a really great person. Thanks for your dedication on helping others.

  7. ShadowHeartz1 says:

    WOOOT!!!!!!! DEADMAU5

  8. LOCKHEADgfx says:

    i love your slides buddy 🙂
    nice videos

  9. nicki6479 says:

    it looks weird wen ur sjuffling if u kepp ur hands by r side

  10. bweepbwoopbwop says:

    You are the most awesome shuffler I’ve ever seen

  11. kontrs123 says:

    Make more!Those videos helps me 🙂

  12. MyViisionZ says:

    Make it available on mobile pleaseee, thanks.

  13. isaacdj1 says:

    dude u r an awesome shuffler

  14. Noobiefier says:


    thanks for all the videos! you taught me to shuffle (:

  15. TheDepaired says:

    WTF!!!! Your amazing bro!!! more vids!!! thumbs up if you agree!!!

  16. Karlosfull says:

    I love this boy is amizing, he´s a good teacher i´ve learned all the steps and QUE VIVA LA SELECCION DE FUTBOL PLAYA DE EL SALVADOR SEÑORES

  17. anna0cat10 says:

    can u make a vid. about balnceing not falling and that stuffz

  18. socialempire123 says:

    your socks is dirty now.

  19. mattbrims says:

    bro you are amazing, cheers man

  20. TonyTouch831 says:

    Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade – I Remember

  21. 144000daniel says:

    whats da name of diz song?

  22. You should try 2 stepping videos but once you 2 step its hard to switch back to the running man

  23. captainpj3 says:

    Best shuffling tutorials ever! I appreciate how you break down each move into it’s own lesson instead of putting them all into one video! It’s less rushed and easier to learn. Go TonyTouch831!

  24. Jack98011 says:

    Amazing Shuffle tutorial!!!!

    I like it & I learned mush style =)

    Thx lots, dude!!!

  25. Jack98011 says:

    Amazing Shuffle tutorial!!!!

    I like it & I learned mush style =)

    Thx lots, dude!!!