im goin to teach you how to shuffle.

25 Responses to “how to shuffle dance turtorial step by step”

  1. Nano Nimble says:

    I couldn’t really hear

  2. raptorbob1993 says:

    To save time, comment summary here:
    Omfg dat isnt a shufle! Ur a fagget. Hey h8ters fuk u ur just mad cause u cant shuffffle. Best tuturial evr i cn shuffle cus off u nw. Werst tutorial evar! Ur a faggot. You are a fag. FAGGOT I FUKIN HATE YOU FAG FAG FAG.

    P.S. the punctuation is there merely to separate comments and was not in the original.
    P.S.S. George Orwell is rolling in his motherfucking grave.

  3. wnnagetwiturmom99 says:

    sort of..

  4. wnnagetwiturmom99 says:

    all you haters, don’t couse at least he now how to

  5. beckuhweckuh says:

    this is my brother. OMG his voice is soooo deep now. what the heckk. i dont recognize him 0.o

  6. Melissa Hernandez says:

    Everyone stop hating Damn! I think you did good 🙂

  7. audrey brown says:

    that is the runing man bro !!

  8. BadHero90 says:

    did you vid it with your butthole?

  9. Mauricio Guerrero says:

    Dude this is the running man

  10. shesherox123 says:

    you sound like justin bieber :D

  11. sukianjamie says:


  12. DC0YNathan says:

    thats horiible

  13. carlos bilston says:

    (FAIL) u can’t t-step. wateva way you do it you kick when your heel goes out, not the tip of the foot. if your t stepping to the right, your heel goes that way when you kick, not your toes

  14. FadiBoy95 says:

    This is definitively filmed by a potato

  15. TheLilyofthenile says:

    As if LMFAO invented shuffling. Ignorant people like you have no business talking shit to or about anyone. Of course, ignorant people like you also think LMFAO is EDM.

  16. U SUCK….Im noob and i can do better…

  17. RoyChicago says:

    If I had a nickle for every pixle I’d have $1.05!

  18. maulp0k3r says:

    all i see is this blurry thing moving around

  19. hangintherexoxo says:

    I swear I heard ” So just go fuck, point out, slow down & Just keep repeating the process” @ 0:32

  20. enrique ramirez says:

    Gay kid that feet is uglee man your feet suck

  21. You are a dead homosexual? That was a terrible reference.

  22. foughtdread says:

    @GolfCrazyFan hes doing hardstyle not what lmfao does. If your going to criticize you should know what your talking âbºüt. Hes not the best at it but hes working on it.

  23. CrazyGolfFan says:

    if u think u can shuffle like LMFAO, then I am Freddie Mercury

  24. jarmanrocks says:

    Lol GcarloP93… If Anything, Your The Fat Ass. She Looks Ok To Me. You Fail At Weight Comprehension. Lol. Dumbazz

  25. jarmanrocks says:

    And Maybe Yo Stupid Ass Cant See What She’s Doing Because Of YOUR Computer, Didn’t Think Of That, DID YA?