An easy tutorial on how to shuffle sit back and learn!

25 Responses to “How to shuffle .Easy For Beginners.”

  1. TheTota767 says:

    Dude you dance very nice better than me 100% xD wish if i can dance like this!

  2. RibberDibber11 says:

    WOwh! Your house looks like my house :O

  3. hey this is my new account haha,
    cheers for still watching this in 2012 i appreciate it 🙂
    thumbs up please

  4. shadow16castella says:

    I have just posted a cool Emoticon!

  5. Becka Thomas says:

    that is sooooo cool X)

  6. Singerz1563 says:

    what i hate this is doesnt even show me how to shuffle i hate it ur just shuffling and not teaching THUMBS DOWN

  7. Stefanos Lais says:

    thanks men.i m a beginner and you really helped me.i still work on them.need work!

  8. ThePengy2000 says:

    i got the first part down, but the second one is so hard! even my little 5 year old cousin tried it with me and hes better lol

  9. First time i watch…. “That does not look that hard :D”…… When i try… ” F*** Thats hard…. What how do you spin????” -omg ur sooo goooooodddddd……. i have some prectesing to do 😛

  10. southparkmxcan says:

    “the 5 levels of Melbourne shuffle. Find out what level are you..

  11. 123acaichia says:

    damnit i gott the running man down butt can’t do the other part ):

  12. icebreak5r116 says:

    me too

  13. maddilee3291 says:

    what kind of shufflin song is that?????

  14. i cant drag my feet back when i put the other one forward >.<"

  15. domewyatt1 says:

    Would be much much easier to see what you were doing if the words were not covering your feet. Good lesson, what I could see of it.

  16. Jasmine Behal says:

    everytime we touch by cascada

  17. PCgamer1code120 says:

    what is thhe music?

  18. bobcatstar1 says:

    thumbs up if your jumping all over the place

  19. Trever Loynd says:

    Tutorials work better when you can read the words and they don’t cover the dance moves. Looks like some good moves though.

    P.S. Please learn to spell!

  20. i am fucking tired after that tutorial

  21. That doesnt matter.

  22. i cant do it ):

  23. ur awesome!!! ty

  24. xxMusicKing says:


  25. 0:39 THE FUCK