How to Shuffle I Huffdaddy Tutorials 1

Learn how to shuffle like a pro with huffdaddy !! 3 years of shuffle experience so you know im legit! Come to my channel and check out my shuffle videos to s...
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Český tutoriál na T-step.

25 Responses to “How to Shuffle I Huffdaddy Tutorials 1”

  1. Arne Robert Pettersen says:

    r you kelso from 70’s show? lol

  2. No lie I got this down in like 2 seconds flat sickass

  3. asadsprofile says:

    do you jump or slide??

  4. victor7491 says:

    finally, someone who knows how to teach shuffle

  5. HuffDaddyTV says:


  6. Jason Quan says:

    you looked stoned

  7. HuffDaddyTV says:

    haha thanks !

  8. HuffDaddyTV says:

    im about to upload a hardstyle shuffle video so everyone will quit telling me i suck at shuffling,,,……

  9. Ally Grijalva says:

    youre funny as shit bro

  10. ShuffleBroz says:

    This is more electro shuffle. Hardstyle looks way better (in my opinion). Do you do it? I will have been Hardstyle shuffling for 4 years in November.17 years old.

  11. a7x4liffe says:

    He does!! xD

  12. HuffDaddyTV says:

    i dont have xbox live……lol i cant afford it right now! but message me anytime bro! on youtube

  13. umopapisdn42 says:

    THANK YOU!! Thank you so much!

  14. HuffDaddyTV says:

    apes from space-aaren

  15. mrwaaack10 says:

    name of tha song plz!!!! 😀

  16. thuglife634 says:

    good shit broo keep making them vids i want to learn since thats what everyone does at lunch in my school… and add me on xbox live bro my gamertagg is ab0ve r0yalty (make the o’s with a zero)

  17. TheWayneloh says:

    Is it just me or do you look like that Step Up 1 main character ?

  18. huffdaddy that tv computer setup is fucking sick keep the shuffle videos coming man!

  19. HuffDaddyTV says:


  20. Like your MJ going for the rim!

  21. how bout half hour of running man for 1 week?

  22. Joel Ordaz says:

    Is it just me… Or he looks like Ashton Kutcher?

  23. mirek brilla says:


  24. CreawBattle says:

    t-step se dělá špičkamy prstu ne patou

  25. Dik za ty tutorialy 🙂