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8 Responses to “how to shuffle like the robot in party rock anthem (sponge bob)”

  1. Chrianna RoBy says:

    Isn’t cool sorry :p

  2. Nisriine Fathi says:

    yes but i stopped :/

  3. LEGAZYification says:

    can u sponge shuffle?

  4. Nisriine Fathi says:

    please subcribe and rate 😀

  5. Nisriine Fathi says:

    Malak c yasmine qui l a enregistre 😉 (my lil’sis’ =D

  6. Abdelhak Chaker says:

    it izn’t that cool, sorry but you’re cool 🙂

  7. Nisriine Fathi says:

    I m waiting for some requests … And next time i ll take all my time to do
    the next one 😉 .if you need something, i’m here (:

  8. miaferrera1 says:

    nisrine , waaaaw ! bezzez tal9itek ! nari jiti wa3ra …. b7al les
    américaines , mas7ablich kathedri b7al hakka meziane . 😉 , li ki de7ek
    kter hia 2 n’aiment pas loooool mais ana ghadi ndir j’aime lsa7ebti le3ziza
    … mais att chkoun liki sawar mamoune , siham , YASMINE ????? hhhhhhhhhhhh
    wallah a + , à demain !!