0:37 runningman 1:14 t-step/side step 1:51 spongebob 4:12 transitions 5:59 charleston 7:55 rubber ducks and the twist 9:09 the lawn mower 9:28 shopping cart ...
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17 Responses to “How to Shuffle: running man spongebob t-step moonwalk and glide step by step tutorial LMFAO”

  1. KingDarkAuras says:

    LMAO! Dat sped up shuffling! hahaha xD

  2. Amber West says:

    love the lawnmower haha 😀
    (not sarcasm)

  3. nochet2211 says:

    nice and easy

  4. Klaas Pieters says:

    nice man, you can show me how to do applekick its like charleston but different much more difficult I guess?

  5. Killer_Gamer_42 says:

    thanks to you i can show my gf my shuffle

  6. MrCool13eans says:

    What a indian

  7. TheJettit says:

    your a fag.


    thanks vulk :)

  9. Alex Vulk says:

    What a fag

  10. TheConanboo says:

    Nice i learn frm u good job

  11. Wheres the malaysian ?

  12. Jim Quinn says:

    you have the moves like jagger there at the start ha


    yea no problem, sory bout how long and random the rest was, but thanks

  14. TheJettit says:

    i watched another dude try to teach youtube to spongebob.. He made it look hard.. Yours is easy bro.. Thanks

  15. fullfire62 says:

    hardstyle shuffle = good

  16. You’re weird, good at dancing and your youtube name starts with ‘bacon’.
    Amaaaaazing!! <3

  17. its great !!! we love it !!!!! my name is marly jenson