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9 Responses to “How To Shuffle Tutorial [Basic]”

  1. Your also suppose to only put your feet up about the height of your knee. ;P Doesn’t have to be perfect..

  2. This Video Was a Fail D:< I admit it was. My Leg was fawkin' hurting. ;C

  3. maxwolfe2995 says:

    I just wanted to say when you actually did The Running man your feet only went to your calves.

  4. Nevermind ^-^;… Just Watch my other videos please? (:

  5. Lol you think I’m Francis?

  6. It’s iGoBeast. Aka Me. I’m in the Crew SavageGeneration Also Known as SGC//iGoBeast

  7. girlsweets101 says:

    You love me 😮 awe awe xD

  8. xDD <3 I love you too.

  9. girlsweets101 says:

    omg !! ur voice :3 hehe ima strange child ahah