thank you guys for 500 subscribers 🙂 thx for supporting me :b i hope you guys enjoy this new melbourn shuffle video 😀 - new style training 🙂 tags: NightfallCanShuffle Nightfall Shuffle 2011 HR Hardstyle Republic Hardtrance Kidd Kaos 2011 Techno Rave Trance Germany GS Home Rawking Rock BM Bassmasters BN Bass Neurotic Fail shuffle xDNightfallCanShuffle Nightfall Shuffle 2011 HR Hardstyle Republic Hardtrance Kidd Kaos 2011 Techno Rave Trance Germany GS Home Rawking Rock BM Bassmasters BN Bass Neurotic Fail shuffle xD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

got tagged by Demo to do this..haha and yes i really did call- first person hung up on me (it was expected she was in some after school hagwon thing haha) and the second person said she hated me and hung up XD

50 Responses to “HR | Nightfall.Bass Neurotic – Thank You.♥”

  1. ToddShufflez says:

    You are so rediculously good! Well done! :D:D

    -Toddskii ! :D:D:D

  2. OkazePresents says:

    Very Nice ‘

    Neurotic | Okaze is a Furious ‘

  3. MrTomMasterVideos says:

    awesome style dude

  4. Dodukaxx says:

    best .I love your style .. u awesome bro . . fav

  5. LinexEntertainmentx says:

    ich liebe deinen style !

    keep it up.

  6. FOXAS98 says:

    Too Much Good !
    I Watched It 30-50 times!
    BE / FoXaS

  7. PhoniqzProductions says:

    Song name plzzz 4 a free sub

  8. Hardstyle23Lover says:

    Echt hammermäßig wie du abgehst!
    Wie heißt der letzte Track?

  9. halfrohr says:

    dass vid balllerrrtt sowasvon.. einfach nur bombe

  10. RushMAShuffler00 says:


  11. RBPresents says:

    You awesome! (L)

    – Ruy

  12. perfect style

  13. MindControllerzTeam says:

    omg, i LOOOOOOOVE your style bro !
    best video.


  14. IshimaruOficial says:

    – LOOL. XD

  15. Nemesis4607 says:

    my ideal :))
    nightfall is a best shuffler in the word :O
    amazing style. (Y)(Y)
    you style is brutal.

  16. RushMAShuffler00 says:

    very very nice
    10/11 🙂
    i like

  17. bartesso1 says:

    Класное видео!)

  18. DcSinner says:

    Song track?

  19. Obscht93 says:

    @Fritzebitze *facepalm*

  20. israeldanceaddicted says:

    beautiful *_*

  21. RBPresents says:

    wowww… so sick… I liked it… really nice.
    fav and like.

    – Ruy

  22. Fritzebitze says:

    @Obscht93 hahaha 😀 du bist ja echt nen lustiger typ, wer sagt denn, dass du ne ahnung von einer pseudo-szene hast, die ansich, in Deutschland nicht exisistiert ?
    Die Frage ist, wer hat dich verarscht ?

  23. Obscht93 says:

    wurde dir nicht gesagt das man die fresse hält wenn man keine Ahnung hat?o.Ô

  24. Fritzebitze says:

    Ausserdem sind deine Uploads fail genug, brauch dann mal dazu nichts mehr sagen 😉

  25. SickyShuffler555 says:

    @ShuffleYoshi ah morre ,

  26. SiaYumi says:

    you’re very cuuuteee (L)(L)

  27. joannesaito says:

    haha xD LoL Its raining xD :)) so cute x3
    watches again 😛

  28. MegaMichiee says:

    lol ,weirdly i could watch this video 100 times haha

  29. MegaMichiee says:

    your hair iz sooooo awesome,lol u have so much comments mine wouldn’t even matter ,anyway ya cool 🙂

  30. CassieJieJie says:

    Ahaha the expression on your face about Haru Haru XD

  31. Sailormoon41111 says:

    LOL i like snow instead >______<

  32. IcEpOpPoP123 says:

    wow this is kinda boring and interesting cuz ur kinda cute and funny. lol

  33. xxxongofmusic says:

    hey i remember taking this shuffle game. This makes me wanna play it now.

  34. bibilutzu says:

    daaaamn you look like hyunseung from beast~~♥ you’re cutiee~~

  35. maxplayblarer says:

    damn i love your eyes, reminds me of Daesung ahhahahahahahaah shit

  36. shachickboon says:

    haha soo funny xD..!! and that you really call haha xD..!! untouchable xD.. and you are cutee ^^, and i don’t like the rain haha :P, much raining here in amsterdam ( netherlands ) Bye. <33

  37. TramToyGirl says:

    Untouchable XD

  38. itchiji says:

    I love these music shuffle games xD and Haru Haru is one of my favorite Korean songs so all the sudden I got all excited realizing you might have a cover of it! but….. you don’t ………… /faint v_v

    Tetris really is painful after level 20 or so (°_°|l)

    Keep singing! Keep dancing! Not everyone can do it ^_~

  39. AznGirlsnzA says:

    lmao XD

  40. AOIdELaAyabie says:

    aww..cute :3
    1:36.. :]]

  41. koreanluver4eva says:

    u talk good english and korean :]
    lol chinky eyes xD
    u dun hav to worry bout them ^-^

  42. bayron13bayra says:

    u look very hawt here ;D
    and u like the rain to yay mii also like they rain to ^~^
    lol untouchable xDD

  43. ASiiANMUSiiCLOVER says:

    who doesnt love the rain! 🙂

  44. TijlFan7 says:

    ooh i’ts raining buwahha.

  45. girlkickboy says:

    so cute <3

  46. Nicoltellme says:

    big bang…
    very good
    saraghae DBSK

  47. DanceSingFun says:

    that was sooo cute

  48. Daisuke358 says:

    haha yes i am XD

  49. chocomintii says:

    dat was so cute ;D
    oo i luv the rain too..
    btw, r u korean? o—-o;;

  50. haha chinky eyes XD
    ouches… haru haru.
    DAIFUKU! =] means gud luck in japanese buh sounds ironic ….