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25 Responses to “HR STREET”

  1. MrKAMIKAZE81 says:

    @elektrikProStats thats ajam man hes mah idol sooo beast……..SRU/JET

  2. one of the best HR videos.

  3. lovetijuana says:

    achik is te best! always

  4. TrebelRebel says:

    I really really mis HR… T-T

  5. elektrikProStats says:

    that last shuffler is so god damn beast its ridiculous… watch his hand movements. SO SICK!

  6. bringthemyoung says:

    skilled 100%

  7. hardstyle802 says:

    chaiyyok!!respek sama lu HR

  8. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    @carelessthe1andonlyy General , HR

  9. carelessthe1andonlyy says:

    whose the HR general ?

  10. @Xiia0Sn00pY yea i visit all weeks xD
    check my shuffle videos and coment ^^
    thanks : )

  11. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    @imJOP14 HAHA!! i was visiting this old video again haha~~~

  12. @Xiia0Sn00pY one year after you answear me xD
    but thanks.. its my fav : )

  13. Xiia0Sn00pY says:

    @imJOP14 Achik

  14. CHiikMAG69 says:

    SiiiiiCCCCKKKK! ! !

  15. tecnobeto89 says:

    speedodevo and achik bast shufflers

  16. who is the first guy?

  17. TheGRDHKL says:

    smart giler..
    lgi2 ajam..
    terbaek wok..

  18. diogomoraes1 says:

    é olha ai ó os maluco tao fazeno até merchan nos videos ,só pa quem manja


  19. xXiaoShengXx says:

    at highway ar = =?

  20. wuuu……………………………..

  21. ThunderSORme says:

    omg <3 nice

    very good shuffler :;D

  22. AZn5t0n3R says:

    PUTANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  23. nice
    xD apekwhuut sou shuffler brasileiro olhe meu video plz /watch?v=BNyBjuF9zDU

  24. JerfinhoouL says:

    Comment’s Plz


    Thank’s For watching!

  25. DJDragon77 says:

    Awsome video, I remember the days when I watched this all the time, old is the BEST !!!!