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25 Responses to “HSA vs EHS shuffle battle”

  1. Loveboyekdala says:

    HsA Owned em out Nr 2 from HsA was the best of them all i think gj m8 nice moves

  2. rocky you fuckin rapedddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    reeceeee nice taunt <3333

    instinct..seriously!? shuffling around him!? fucking LEGIT!!!!!! <3

    oh god hsa all the way

  3. xXdunkelelfeXx says:

    every time i watch this video i try so skip the parts where the ehs guys are dancing because its so boring xDDD

  4. MsCrystalAngie says:

    true but Luke showed confusion and ” what do i do next” expression
    u shld never show tht at anytime
    if it were judge he wld have lost points
    but as i saw it again i realized Luke did win.
    i thnk how he ended it jus stuck to my head,
    well from a dance instructor’s point of view

  5. Brightside200 says:


  6. hannahtwinbelinda says:

    HSA !!!!

  7. christoextreme1 says:

    at my school MLK middle school ever since i started to do hardstyle people have started doing it

  8. HSA

  9. @Mlizar to certain individuals ye, they are used by shufflers to make their dance look more fluid

  10. JackeysRandom31 says:

    HSA all the way!

  11. zazhigatel says:

    HSA are MUCH MUCH MUCH more better…. well done guys, keep it going on… and i want to see ypur tutorials… i wonna dance just like you

  12. TheAwesumeness says:

    Ehs win for sure

  13. So are those raver pants still in style? lol

  14. waht the name of the song 1:12 ?

  15. RhysWickens says:

    im embarassed for fluro

  16. lixoooooooooooooooooo

  17. guyguerrero says:

    HSA wins x3 haha no match!

  18. NepsteRomania says:

    HSA is the winner !!!

  19. flashinfect says:



  20. patrickking6666 says:

    HSA is very good-respect

  21. PaTTyseK1 says:

    what is the song 3:08-3:42 ?

  22. @swirto lol Australia 🙂

  23. if i was driving down that street i would have driven over these stupid cunts

  24. janetrivera22 says:


  25. rocky the best