Shuffle compilation
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25 Responses to “HSA/Rocky compilation video”

  1. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    FUCK Cali,Electro and Malaysian Shuffling!!!! Hardstyle for life!!!!

  2. YuckFourself10 says:

    Rocky is my inspiration 🙂

  3. zinner789 says:

    @TheTeChNoPaCk its not Sacco’s Pants he doesnt own them lol hurp derp

  4. i love how they wear baggy bright neon colored pants it makes it cooler

  5. teach us your ways my master

  6. blaablaablaa1000 says:

    Still the best shuffle vid ive seen, and its 4 years old :/

  7. TheTeChNoPaCk says:

    Sacco´s Pant

  8. TheTeChNoPaCk says:

    Sacco´s Pant

  9. mitchycouncil15 says:

    Rocky is a beast?

  10. SprayDosePunkt says:

    Yes, that’s right. ^^

  11. H4rdSty1eAdd1ct says:

    I Vote Rocky for Shuffling King

  12. Airsoftable says:

    1:50 – 2:15 My favorite part

  13. SiYoungKang says:

    Name of All the songs? Plz Reply

  14. SiYoungKang says:

    Name of First Shuffle Song?

  15. crazenird says:

    rocky is left handed!

  16. MSBrandonYau says:

    @rnecas someone make a ‘rocky running man’ tut, looks so jizz xD

  17. dadoofusbeats says:

    @1EyeSack1 there the best

  18. 1EyeSack1 says:

    @dadoofusbeats i thumbd you up because of brennan heart

  19. Want to do the Running Man like Rocky with that smooth style that barely picks the feet off the ground? Try focusing on leaning just slightly forward. I’ve been watching him a lot in slow motion and I noticed this. It changes the leverage and makes it easier to keep your feet down. He gives it away most clearly at 2:23 when he suddenly switches from standing to Running Man.

    Rocky, if you happen to read this, could you please confirm or deny?

  20. funnyfunkinmonkey says:

    Im sure those socks helped. lawl

  21. thesuperspanky says:

    @IzAaKVC129 its called Techno Boheme, hope i helped

  22. shufflenaut says:

    id kill to battle this foo… hes good tho

  23. jorman463tc says:

    why do those people say: you say blabla, I say blabla. Dude we all love hardstyle so go fucking post this on justin fucking bieber or something

  24. shufflerisaac says:

    fucking legend, no one will ever be as good as him :c
    he is a fucking icon to melbourne shuffle!

    Best of all to Rocky!!!

  25. IzAaKVC129 says:

    hey guy whats the name of the music in the minute 3:57 ¿? PSDT: EXCELENT VIDEO MEN =D