This clip is a dedication to my cuzn Mikkiz =)He is in sydney right now and i cant wait for him to get back so we can go rockin in the city =P,Mikkiz was one of the first people to help me learn to shuffle without him i wouldnt be able to shuffle 2day LOVE YOU MIKKIZ MY SEXC CUZ WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!The area i did the clip was tiny was a mess in my house that day xD i was lucky i did a little spin lol Please Visit Our Website And Sign up
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wollongong Shuffle Compilation Part I By PIGDOG4U *Note - All Shufflers Are From Wollongong* Shufflers In Order Of Appearance: Jayden Mikky Jesse Palmer Krash Tynella Ashton Julian Mina Rezza Alekz Neza Mikky # Tracklist # [LOCKED - UNLOCK AT 4000 VIEWS] 1] ----------------------------------- 2] ----------------------------------- 3] ----------------------------------- 4] ----------------------------------- 5] ----------------------------------- 6] ----------------------------------- 7] ----------------------------------- 8] ----------------------------------- 9] ----------------------------------- 10] ----------------------------------- 11] ----------------------------------- 12] ----------------------------------- 13] ----------------------------------- 14] ----------------------------------- My Say: I Absolutely loved creating this 'Compilation', i really can't think of much to write about this right now because I'm watching TV and yeah, i can't concentrate ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT i must say, this video has been probably my favourite to compile, EVEN more so because its a Wollongong Production ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy & Feel Free To Mail Me Any Questions
Video Rating: 5 / 5

52 Responses to “Dedication to HSK Mikkiz”

  1. chava47449 says:

    @agentevirus i say mikki first lol

  2. will62710 says:

    sacco is the reason why i started to shuffle he is the master of hardstyle

  3. nice job saccos nice dancin i wish i knew how to do that shuffle

  4. agentevirus says:


  5. agentevirus says:

    the real masters of shufflers!!!

  6. bsfunkiiii says:

    haha mikkiz is a lil bitch
    fkn ill brake hes legs x)

  7. drumbeg12345 says:


    Klonez – my story

  8. elnazisinconciencia says:

    SaccO FoR PResIdEnt!!!!

  9. nice phats ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I’m sick of segragating the love of Hardstyle and the harder styles!!!!! We all know that we all love Hardstyle so if๏ปฟ you๏ปฟ are with me then help start the unity of Hardstyle and its followers!!!!! COPY๏ปฟ THE ABOVE! AND SPREAD THE REVOLUTION!!

  11. PivotMonk says:

    @prozikaaa It’s called My story

  12. prozikaaa says:

    music name ???

  13. SinfulShufflerz says:

    @hooyabaaa2 Actually, same artist but it’s called My Story

  14. The951216 says:


  15. Mikki du bist der Beste ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. marshmallowmutant says:

    madd! ๐Ÿ˜€ i diddnt kno u nd mikki were cousins.thats awsum. nd he taught you? lol its funny coz ur pretty much better that him nd yur the one that got taught.

  17. NINJA1244 says:

    The song is-Dj klonez My story -Not my history

  18. hooyabaaa2 says:


  19. hooyabaaa2 says:

    @DJDeecRy91 The song is: DJ Klonez – My History

  20. Missmaddski says:

    awsome as always i got mi a vid but i was realy bad. but im heeps better now XD

  21. Missmaddski says:

    well your both my fav shufflers and you guys made me want to start shuffling and im loving every min of it thanks guys! =D

  22. MrDrNoodlesandbonos says:

    How do they time these songs?!!?!? I WISH TO KNOW!!!

  23. DJDeecRy91 says:

    nice ๐Ÿ˜‰ which song is this?

  24. AmethestPanther says:

    Check out the vid Sacco Timeline then you’ll know why he’s so good.

  25. AmethestPanther says:

    R u serious Sacco and Mikki are cuz?!? thats awesome!!! they r da best shufflas eva!!

  26. MrWangboi says:

    hey whats that song called the one that jesse shuffles to?

  27. thekorbar666 says:


  28. yumbumchumcumyum says:

    haha shit shuffle jks man use are freking pro same as me lol

  29. theraven93 says:

    shufflin wif s0cks~~

    not fare =_=*

  30. maccahead says:

    hahahaha. Lads truly are the scum of Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. fuck lads

  32. funnyshanadigans says:

    filthy filthy lads

  33. FlyingCrackerr says:

    yeah awsome compilation ๐Ÿ˜€
    someone knows the second song??

    mfg KEH/Cracker

  34. Yeaaaah awesomee ;D
    wollogong got good shufflers :]
    + we all love mikky xD

  35. fuck up angus

  36. This is why wollongong is a hole

  37. hardemon93 says:

    thnx 4 puttng me in mate…


  38. keanusk8ta says:

    hahahaha i shuffle aswell lolz and im movin to woolongong hahah but proly around picton lol

  39. lol yer brah i g clubbin all the time lol

    d-_-b krash

  40. hehe yep thought i rekognised him, he goes alright

  41. hmmm tough question
    – don’t have a straight answer mate, most of the boys are under 18

    Krash is the only one in there i know that would go clubbing..

  42. any of you blokes ever go out clubbing in the gong?

  43. urirowrow says:

    yer hes radd

  44. sportyguy97 says:

    he looks awsome ey daniel?

  45. urirowrow says:

    haha kk sweet thx i knew it was him

  46. yep, thats him

  47. urirowrow says:

    is the first dude jayden pierro, the italian guy?

  48. nope, the person in this video is ‘Mikky’ not ‘Mikkiz’

  49. ipShAdOw21 says:

    is mikki the same guy of the HSK pratice????

  50. HirokageAkatake says:

    People I need that last song. Send this to all of your friends.


  51. hello MikkiZ would make a videot

    like that where you show it how

    it is necessary to shuffle

    aling?(I am Hungarian anyway and

    sorry if I wrote something badly)

  52. Does anyone know how I am able to get a hold of mikki? There are several questions I need to ask him. Like a website, or cellphone number, or e-mail or something of that matter? He is my shuffle hero!