first video of me shuffling in my phatts LOVE THEM! Like i love u :P!! haha NEW CREW!!!! HARDSTYLE GODS! (old vid)
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25 Responses to “-[HSG]- JORDAN! SHUFFLE! xD!!”

  1. xIcyEcstacyx says:

    aww u stole mah colors turquoise and purple D:

  2. just keep practicing to shuffle, keep fit and love the music!!!! dont let words or people bring u down! :D! new vids soon!

  3. epicpurevids says:

    hey you have any tips on how to start learning that stuff? id love to learn shuffle but have no clue.. how lol

  4. Kajouch500 says:

    pls song 🙂

  5. wow thats a bit cool, btw your a babe XD

  6. TheBmxdance says:

    Realy cool.i wish i can shuffle like you 🙁

  7. ninjaboi111 says:

    ill buy tha phatts for 20 bucks =P

  8. nice job dude keep at

  9. MegaRaver21 says:

    wow you with your phats first time…… looked like you were having a rock man keep shuffling Shuffle to Express Not To Impress.

    -HSR Void-

  10. XVidsioMasterx says:

    i rly like this video. shuffling (even if old) and music is good 😛

  11. XVidsioMasterx says:

    i rly like this video lol 😛

  12. were do u get the phatts from

  13. @jcoreunit i live in townsville

  14. @shufflervaX is that the song

  15. shufflervaX says:

    Nice shuffle 😀 good style

  16. shufflervaX says:

    @cuzzen222 j Mortal Combat -Thunder

  17. shufflervaX says:

    @cuzzen222 Dj Mortal Combat -Thunder

  18. @jackallen40 what are the phats called

  19. what is the song?

  20. MrDraftpunk16 says:

    @blake21ization bruno

  21. wats the song?

  22. jackallen40 says:

    lol go bro im geting my phats soon

  23. fRESHHPRODUKt says:

    youuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr awwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssssssssomee!!!! saw youh shuffle at skewl heaps Of times lOl

  24. PontusM4gnusson says:

    I love that smiley on your phatpants, as much as your shuffling..
    and I sure love that smiley.. Keep up the quick feet =)

  25. blake21ization says:

    holy shit this guy is uber awesome