HSJ Shuffle
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Melbourne Shufflers Ft Hardstyle Republic NL Compilation (GAOSmedia clipstyle) Filmed by MBShufflers Compilation edited by GAOSmedia (Joey vd W) Melbourne Shufflers : Pim, Miljano, Carsten, Kirby. (New formation) Hardstyle Republic NL : Neil, Mark, Koen. Tracks used: Kold Konexion - Minus one SMD - Just Like You Headhunterz - Hate It Or Love It Brennan Heart - Revival X (Showtek Remix) Dark Oscillators - Nero (Original Mix) Donkey Rollers - No One Can Stop Us (Showtek Kwartjes Mix) For the people who keep on flaming us, have a nice day ^^ we keep on shuffling

51 Responses to “HSJ Shuffle we own you!”

  1. Row haz nice pants, straight from tha pokemon world

  2. THRshufflers says:

    @DrUnnameds he does 2 step its hard to tell cos he’s stomping

  3. shaigen1 says:

    cruz went into RAGEMODE!!

  4. see my shuffle video
    thanks ^^

  5. nice video bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. DrUnnameds says:

    does Cruz do 1 step or 2 step running man? SOME1 TELL ME.

  7. EHSCrewOfficial says:

    The Best Are Reece, Luke & Jamie (:

  8. TechnoRageMan says:

    Songlist: Edstah:๏ปฟ Hardstyle Masterz – Beat Diz(technoboy 2007 remix) Reece: Dj Klonez – My Story Rocky: Trance Generators – Do you wanna balloon Jaymie: Brainkicker vs. Noisecontrollers – Always Black 2 Luke: The Beholder vs. Max Enforcer – Bitcrusher Cruz: Carnifex – Fireflash Nathan: Zatox – Bad Time Imzeh: Zatox – Allright Jamie: Dj Gius – Scrubs Alekz: Carnifex – Fireflash Sage: Technoboy – Angel heart Rowe: Builder – Her voice

  9. JeyJeyme says:

    playlist pls

  10. thesuperspanky says:

    newcomers are better than originals, and whats the name of the songs luke and jaymie shuffle to?

  11. supernova2705 says:

    someone should just get phat pants + glow sticks, stick the glowsticks on the pants, and shuffle ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. jamesdizzle420 says:

    rocky is such and underrated shuffler…. and he is absolutely of the most amazing that ive seen!

  13. SerbPatriot94 says:

    @18mofako dude srsly u r a fukin blind dude man here are atleast 4 good shufflers in this crew man srsly, the rest of them suck, its only cos the crew is shit because so many of them suck

  14. nnaatthhaannzz says:

    @HardstyleNooby lol all good man ive seen heaps of comments the same as urs anyway hahaha

  15. HardstyleNooby says:

    @nnaatthhaannzz Lololol, soz soz, I honestly nvr knew. Soz soz soz. it’s just coz every nathan I saw looked the same. I am sincerly sorry.

  16. nnaatthhaannzz says:

    @HardstyleNooby lets get this clear there is more than one nathan. in the vid you are talking about that is not me. all my vids are on my page

  17. XsneekyX13 says:

    Reece’s kicks are clean..thanks for the moves ;D lmao xD

  18. HardstyleNooby says:

    Oh yeah, I think HSJ Nathan is that noob from Nkcomplex’s shuffle prac iii

  19. HardstyleNooby says:

    WOAH! HSJ CRUZ FTW! But of course, HSJ reece is the best !

  20. jjking333 says:

    reece looks like he is 4 ft tall

  21. @naruto646806
    LMFAO i know right! like seriously its like they think
    the harder they stomp the more hardcore they are or something lol.
    idk honestly this vid wasnt very good at all.non of these guys had anything
    distinct about their styles.just stomp stomp stomp!

  22. umm this was lame! non of these guys were very convincing at all!
    some of these fools seriously looked like they were trying to stop
    a whole in the ground. Just cuz they were the big pants doesnt mean that
    any of them were all that great.They were ok.but def seen much better

  23. TheDenikJump says:

    Luke the best of HSJ

  24. xXXxMaDDiiNxXXx says:

    5:14 xDDDDDDD

  25. littelpekingente says:

    what is the song by HSF/JAMIE 3:46 – 4:20

  26. HardstyleKalonque says:

    einfach nue geil *-*

  27. itaintjeff1215 says:

    SHUFFLERS! <3 were the best people out there.

  28. spikeynator says:

    Holland de Gekste ! klappe en gaan gaste !

  29. Gekkewous14 says:

    orderd my hs gear a few days ago cant wait ,
    keep the scene alive 4 ever ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. mastergoddy says:


  31. tuki122448 says:

    playlist please

  32. Blade33302 says:

    Go Kirby die danst heel goe en de rest ook

  33. MrRollAJoint says:

    dam this is a nice video man. i like the editing. good music into it too. u did good man. HR is bigger now. ESK is my crew. we r small but dedicated. check out our vids plz. rate/comment thanx

  34. MJXthe1th says:

    Kheb dr niet echt iets mee, maar als je dr lol in hebt hoop ik niet dat het vergalt word door de media.

  35. MBShufflers says:

    Cool thnx man!

    Yess zekerrr loss hehe ๐Ÿ˜›

  36. MBShufflers says:

    Yes we are XD

  37. DaSchnaul says:

    best shuffle video eva

  38. EoHDanceGroup says:

    mensen.. _O_
    blijf door gaan keep it alive in nederland ;)!
    cyu @ aankomend Dance Parade in rotterdam :D! B2S!

  39. AR you realy NL ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. wow sweet editing

  41. /watch?v=uSJkuTjGOk0

  42. MBShufflers says:

    This vid was made with Sony Vegas 5 i thought..

  43. P0pstyl3bby says:

    what movie program do you use to make the movie ?

  44. thats better i like the style now than first

  45. CaligoBlood says:

    Awesome shuffling and great movie edit!


  46. TheSniperRokn says:

    WoW Cool You Are The Hardstyle Champions

  47. Nicenessdk says:

    Luv’d to see this vid guys, I must admit I thought you looked sooo stupid in that show @ Jensen’s but this really earned my respect for you guys 10/5 ๐Ÿ™‚ is it possible to an msn to contact u guys for some tips and stuff ?? ๐Ÿ™‚ if yes send me a PM with the msn to add and I’ll do it as the first thing by the time I get it ๐Ÿ™‚ otherwise great shuffle and respect from denmark ๐Ÿ˜€

  48. Ultistylez says:

    5/5 Top!

  49. MBShufflers says:

    We hate the first vids too ^^ haha

  50. MBShufflers says:

    It’s already on our channel, look it up..

  51. where is shuffle school?