HSK Shuffle team

25 Responses to “HSK Group Shuffle”

  1. thumps up for headhunterz 😀

  2. DEFKISSDAY says:

    @the12345678909876543 Theyre just plain black. The kid whos video is “can i shuffle” has some in his Forever hard and fuck exams video. And i think the description says the name of them.

  3. MultiMatulis says:


  4. the12345678909876543 says:

    anybody know what website mikkiz got his phats from or where i can get the same design exactly?

  5. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    @TheKentuckyCATz Is this how you gtfo newfag? If you dont like it simple Dont watch sick of the haterz try shufflin Mr Bieber it aint that easy and so called “Gay”

  6. TheKentuckyCATz says:

    Is this how kids express their gayness now

  7. sean50577 says:

    I’ve always liked William.

  8. teletubby1991 says:

    Letz go Daniel ^^

  9. bubblegumchewer99 says:

    oh snap hes good

  10. Das ist geile Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. best shufflers in tha world!

  12. @fishboard123 godness ;P

  13. thebladaren97 says:

    @remanentofhell shuffle to express not impress 🙂

  14. fishboard123 says:

    how good are these guys now?!?

  15. TheWallensen says:

    1. lost in the dark – design the dark
    2. D-tuned – Headhunterz
    3. Young birds – Patrick bunton
    4. Twilight zone
    5. Paxi Fixi
    6. Midnight – the beholder meet dj zany
    7.tune – 2 playaz
    8.Automatic Djz – Mad Lay Number Four
    9 dunno Xd

  16. GregandLeanne3 says:

    wats the hsk signature intro song called

  17. @masnocha69 yea that was a typo

  18. masnocha69 says:

    Young birds*

  19. Daniel= D-tuned by headhunterz
    Mikki= Frre birds by patrick bunton
    Jericho=Twilight zone
    William= Paxi Fixi
    David=2 playaz tune
    Arron=Mad Lay Number four by automatic Djz /???

  20. SergeCWazukie says:


  21. song at 3:50 is Automatic Djz – Mad Lay Number Four. it took me a very long time to find

  22. Mymusikman says:

    can someonbe make a combo video where i an learn this pleaSE

  23. TechnoFreak8 says:

    its Automatic Djz – Mad Lay Number Four

  24. SergeCWazukie says:

    whats the remix of the song at 3:50 i cant find it anywhere!!

  25. Mikki’s my Hero <3 :]x