This isn't my video, i just downloaded it. it was removed by youtube.... why?? i have no idea. so i just uploaded it.

15 Responses to “hsk (hardstyleklowns) WILLIAM – Melbourne shuffle”

  1. Merkabaaa22 says:

    wats the 2nd song 😀

  2. IchMagZwiebelnNetxD says:

    this was my old youtubeacc. “schwarzewarzeshuffe”. but i had deleted my account, thats why all my videos are deleted ;P sry for my bad english…i’m from germany xD
    DJ Mystery – Magic
    Showtek – The Colour Of The Harder Style
    Brennan Heart – Memento
    Karpe-DM -8th Wonder Of The World (JiXAW_Remix)
    Zatox – so high
    De-Grees – Just Dance(Ti-Mo Vs. Stefan Richly Remix)
    Brain M s. Mc Baunn – Loud Music

  3. Marvin5250 says:

    William ist my Favorit Shuffler ^^
    William hat goog Technices !!: D

  4. Well, your all a wealth of knowledge… cheers. =/

  5. 3rd vid in…

  6. Any 1 know what track it is when Williams shufflein on blue floor?

  7. HumbaoLove says:

    @TheMlbShuffler i have an answer for ur comments it prolly cuz he asian

  8. tomoldinho says:

    @mylifeisfunky Magic – dj mstery. its in my uploaded vieos if u want to have a look.

  9. mylifeisfunky says:

    what’s the first song???

  10. What’s the last song? x_o

  11. satanxmachina says:

    very nice^^

  12. vikibaby1500 says:

    William you are the best ^.^

  13. TheMlbShuffler says:

    man this guy is so good in shuffling:X….and he’s hairstyle is INSANE:X

  14. aiiishiba says:

    thanks for reuploading

  15. nice