We were so really damn tired.. ~It doesn't matter if da music fit us or not cos,we love this music ^^. Krismah - Heroes (Luca Antolini and Ricky T remix) (*) HQ pls. ~vid cam by AhDo (Hazard Minors) The Link (I Can'+ Shuffle Tee) i219.photobucket.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “I Can’x Shuffle ( Yan & Slack )”

  1. dariolo says:

    so good!!

  2. AnythingButHuman says:

    damn sick shuffles 😉

  3. Sunny1990w says:

    I like it =)))

  4. SprmBlade says:

    dayuuum. yan is so damm beast. sick executions.
    just found another favorite shuffler XD
    imma be up there someday… 5/5

    ahk// JuBanz

  5. avalonroxs says:

    yeah nice shuffle^^

  6. proo power !”

  7. cozaleia1 says:

    Esse cara dança de mais pow…. brasil ACRE BLZ POW

  8. thumperliciouz says:

    DAAAAUUUUMM!! Truly amazing!!!

  9. Maelsus says:

    omg.. i cant belive i havnt seen this before? of all the shuffle i have seen.. and as a shuffler myself. this is truly fucking magic, this is truly the best melbourne shuffle i have ever seen.

    5/5 no doubt.

  10. rudyf2387 says:

    wow so much energy i love it 😀

  11. DigitalGoesShuffle says:

    So Smooth
    love your style!

  12. shuffleDiazZ says:

    is very very nc
    i like very
    5*+ fav

  13. RezaWontShuffle says:

    Stop spamming german you stupid cunt

    Since you german faggot are too stupid to understand what im writing:

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  14. ath11town says:

    like your styles =)

  15. flamm009 says:

    geil gemacht

  16. HARDAPIZ says:

    Hey Slackshoes!! U Shuffle More Harder Is It?? Haha!! Jk..

  17. aNiiMaLiiBeRa says:

    s’porean power 😀

  18. Teraxlovers says:

    this is good

  19. bringthemyoung says:

    in ma :
    he is the best shuffler on the world

  20. Yeah nice shuffle guys!!!
    styles & tricks 5/5


  21. random flesh light behind the scene :))
    one of my new fav, greatshuffle!!


  22. YAN, Ranning Man look amazing ..;]]

  23. awesome shuffling guys, keep it up!

  24. soo many siick FREESTYLE shuffle footwork you gus do! awesome vid and shuffling! :]

  25. oOxXTimXxOo says:

    love the vid so much
    i could cry cause its amazing awesome haha