My friends shuffling (not me) PPA x PTS x IDS? PPA | PTS shuffling. Song name: ahha! you wish!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “I Don’t Shuffle?”

  1. PuertoRican406 says:

    whats the song kalled ?

  2. cptheplacetobe says:

    So Awesome! Props!

  3. pornokeller007 says:

    lots of fails!!!!

  4. Beastwardo says:

    They should turn around and face the camera, itl look better than seeing their ass..but cool shuffle

  5. Kobefan217 says:

    fist time i have ever seen a black guy shuffle BTW he was the best 1!

  6. nadine542100 says:

    Can’t get enough of this video!

  7. NickGolf5555 says:

    all three were sick, nice song choice too

  8. jordanbrah3333 says:

    Song is – walk the line by Laurent wolf

  9. Enrique17ize says:

    Sick af!(:

  10. M4RCi92 says:


    enjoyed it sooo much!

  11. XAgamesXx says:

    yes you dont 🙂

  12. lookatmemove1 says:


  13. CarasKills187 says:

    @BreezePPA oh yaa only ur dick tho k 😉

  14. ANTI7394 says:

    First two guys are dope ass fuck[^__^]

  15. SSUUNNYYVEE says:

    I goo for the 3rd guyyy;] ahah
    But u guys are good.

  16. DEFKISSDAY says:

    Apparently you do shuffle, doesnt mean you should though.

  17. 7480619 says:

    good song 🙂

  18. ErNiEtHeGrOuCh says:

    wat skool u guyz goo too??

  19. technonozzy says:

    the black guy is good good job black guy your better then the first guy

  20. asher420sj says:

    3:05 😮

  21. BreezePPA says:

    @AescoTube Aha comedy though, Its all you me and caras. XD

  22. AescoTube says:

    @Traqqik all the time!

  23. AescoTube says:

    @BreezePPA thats what I’m saying. ^PPA! Creative High Life!

  24. JohnWilliamRuhl2 says:

    whos the guy at 1:38

    i love his style

  25. me2fuzzy4u says:

    @MothaFuckinJasmine Johnny Cash – Walk the Line (REMIX LAURENT WOLF FEAT DJ AURI PS ELECTRO VERSION)