comment and rate please.. ;D dont be stingy^^ ----------------------------------------- the others couldn't make it ----------------------------------------- Songlist: vetka & mr. eyes - eardrums backbiter - psy man tatanka - gtp brennan heart - revival x builder - my life is just a demo kamui - dropshot evil z - end of time

25 Responses to “IHS Shuffle Session 1”

  1. XxDaRK12KiLLeR says:

    what does ihs stand for ?

  2. GrayRangerX says:

    Jacko Ftw

  3. NicoleClare44 says:

    i love kennys style. he puts all in and in the end it pays of cause it looks fuckin insane. (:

  4. luvumirandacosgrove says:

    Hahaa Jackoss Lil movee is dopee!

  5. luvumirandacosgrove says:

    Thumbs uhpp for Raize & Kenny

  6. MrMedusa18 says:

    nice man!! like it!!

  7. NilsinhoHardStyle says:

    aeew vcs danção DDD++ parabéns

  8. alexandrephd1 says:

    what songs raize 4:37 the 6:07??

  9. IHSKenny says:


  10. IHSKenny says:

    ty! <3

  11. IHSKenny says:


  12. IHSKenny says:

    thanks mate

  13. HardStyleKela says:

    he means Impusive HardStylers.
    They’re an australian crew.
    they’ve been around nearly two years now.

  14. zemetrion says:

    they aiight not much but straight

  15. JaydenRox11 says:

    Ohhh, Sorry man my badd lol. :DDD

  16. weri najs

  17. shutter337 says:

    what version of evilz-end of time is this?

  18. blackha4k says:

    wo habta das gedreht sich echt gut aus 😀

  19. ReggaeFighter says:

    he is the best

  20. HardstyleDancerAL3X says:

    echt mieß ^^
    Weiterso *-*
    2x 5*


  21. vitorcostaribeiro1 says:

    eu tenho 1 photo do raize no orkut kk =)

  22. spaze07 says:

    Raize really good !

  23. lucasvideomaker says:


    Comments & Rate! Thanks

  24. HardStyleKela says:

    Kenny probably beest. skill wise,
    raize sickest style out thoo. ;D


  25. Blayzovich says:

    haha, you all good raize best :)