*Trailer For Meet Up Info For The Recording Of THe Dvd Well apart of it *

25 Responses to ““Inspired by Dance” The Melbourne Shuffle Story”

  1. UsaShufflerz says:

    What ever happens to the DVD?

  2. brnsktingdieskting18 says:

    sick edit

  3. comentem)) !! XD 😉

  4. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    thats some badass edeting

  5. tanyaTHEcookie says:

    what program do you use 4 editing?

  6. beeriskey says:


  7. TwiggieeMate says:

    learn to spell you idiot.

  8. acidmiro55 says:

    that was freaking AWSOME!!!!

  9. polkakinga says:

    Lol u got this song from rebel D

  10. DaphneChloe says:

    The editing gives the whole thing something dramatic, something very energetic. Just pretty nice to watch. Gives the right feeling.

  11. jetvaisefudeporra says:

    it isnt the story

  12. hardstylerdion says:

    ye their wer cameras

  13. or you can DL rebel d – hardstyle essentials vol. 6
    for the intro aswell,

  14. actually it is all off a mixed cd
    rebel d – hardstyle essentials vol. 6
    as rudyf2387 said
    you are just talking about one of the tracks in it,

  15. yoyocool2 says:

    Yeah cause there was like not a single HSK or HSA member there.

  16. actualii its not a mix its a song and its called
    Binary Conflict

  17. 000mapleking000 says:

    oi shadow Hsk is like fukin ova

  18. XBCShadow says:

    why dont they just show hsk/hsa schooling all of dese guys who say they can shuffle

  19. jameyy777 says:

    showtime studios edited it -.-

  20. rudyf2387 says:

    cool video nice intro

    i hav this mix

    the whole mix iz rebel d – hardstyle essentials vol. 6

  21. lidoolaznkid says:

    I wanna see myself 🙂

  22. TitanNBHS says:

    Brennan Heart_ Binary Conflict

  23. hyperaznfisherman says:

    hey wat program did u use to edit?

  24. wats the songs you used in this video there where tuff


    whens the next shuffle meet up? i cant wait