Hope you enjoy the epic failure that is me trying to learn the Melbourne shuffle.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Melbourne Shuffle FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PART2 NOTE: Happy Valentine's Day =] HOPE YOU ENJOY Thank you. SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEOS TO NEW VIDEO RELEASED =] Connections: FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE www.youtube.com FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PT2 www.youtube.com FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PT3 www.youtube.com FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PT4 www.youtube.com FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PT5 www.youtube.com FK YEAH!! GIRLS CAN SHUFFLE PT6 www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Jake Wakid week 1 learning Melbourne Shuffle FAIL”

  1. comimanesh says:

    Funny stuff brotha. Keep on going, let the music move you

  2. andresgonzalez7 says:

    impressive O.O

  3. Kindaa scared me O.o

  4. @Robertperson where else you think they keep it?

  5. SuperHardstyler4ever says:

    @derWolfemann ”There Here”

  6. Girls shuffling is soo hot :>

  7. bibop31187 says:

    5:06 song pls!!

  8. blueblazinfox says:

    @TwoGuZZup144 Yeah she is the best I have seen O_o

  9. TwoGuZZup144 says:

    somone tell me who the chick at 1:20 is?

  10. mickandreasendk123 says:

    name of the song in @2:48

  11. RobbyFly1996 says:

    @chobitsgnarlslover ur right man (:
    and btw it looks sexy if girls do it <.<

  12. blueblazinfox says:

    @samsamsam129 well only some but guys do it better.

  13. blueblazinfox says:

    @derWolfemann where >_>?

  14. derWolfemann says:

    04:34 poltergeist much?

  15. derWolfemann says:

    2:00 I didn’t know the grudge could shuffle..

  16. leilanieandrews says:

    yer m8 mthese gurls r hot asn dcan shuffle

  17. gangstergirl133 says:

    @Robertperson hahahahahahha 🙂 thats funnyy

  18. chobitsgnarlslover says:

    @samsamsam129 um, did u not watch the vid, they can, maybe not as good as reece, or rocky, or some melbourne shufflers, but they can do pretty good.

  19. chobitsgnarlslover says:

    dude, u gotta give the name of these songs in the descrip, these songs are actually good bass songs, thatd be easy to shuffle to

  20. samsamsam129 says:

    girls cant shuffle

  21. ugforthewin says:

    All these girls need it up the ass, obviously.

  22. TheAverageGamerS says:

    @GamingPwnz Australia / melbourne

  23. younqifame says:

    @rikrold 78 now :]

  24. PunchAPeach says:

    @SternSupremacy LOL Couldn’t have said it better myself, mate! xD

  25. tropicalhusky says:

    @DKGSi i’d like to know too :/

  26. TwoGuZZup144 says:

    the 1 at 1:20 is sickk