shuffle like this...

glowing phat pants.
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10 Responses to “japan shuffle”

  1. this is no shuffle!

  2. smart move man….smart skill πŸ˜‰

  3. jonikaskit says:

    that is cwalk not shuffle

  4. LonerGalore says:


  5. Victor Tan mh says:

    yo fren can post tis video to me ar >>>???

  6. Dean Beyers says:

    Yeah alright shuffle.. needs more moves though, you did running man heaps
    :L and get a better camera

  7. drazmainianjew says:

    alternategear . com for 210$ plus shipping

  8. Lol I’m getting those for my bday r they good how long does it take when u
    order it

  9. connorhall70 says:

    fuck that i got rare white phats for under 30 buks πŸ˜› there check
    it out

  10. hardSTylezz123 says:

    awesome phatties dude wered u get them and how much + ure a gud shuffler=
    epic lil francis