after training pok
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Rocking to Menno de Jong. Be: black top. Slim: red top.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

36 Responses to “JB Rocka at rumah anua”

  1. st0repg says:

    gilew lah beb…
    kt umah atok aq wei…
    ayin npew ko cerbu umah atok aq???

  2. bad6021 says:

    haha….. yg ak tak taan …. ko kata anda DINYATAKAN melancap 14 hari berturut2….
    huahua… memang dak jbr tull ar kowank nieyh

  3. boyhk99 says:

    hahaha…lwk jgk ehh kowg..
    afie record gne nset pe ni pok?

  4. the5soda says:

    hahax2…!!cam.tenkorak sehh bdn ko..?x mkn ke??…

  5. ayienJBROCKA says:

    “hari ni DJ ayien akan mengeSPINkn lagu…”
    ahahahah !!

  6. afieDISTURBED says:

    inal ! tak tak takk suuuubb ! ;p

  7. afieDISTURBED says:

    baik doe video ni
    time time zali kene ! ahaha..

  8. ayienJBROCKA says:

    video ini memalukan aku…
    tp besh !

  9. ayepkechik says:

    tade keje tol anak nordin n leha nie.

  10. ariff99 says:

    melancap 14 tu.

  11. ayienJBROCKA says:

    fuck !!
    ahahaha !!
    buduh !

  12. chriisdate says:

    its been a while since this vid has been up!
    but i can’t get enough !

  13. brayitonnfilms says:

    “wats name of de sohn ay canot espek gud englich”

  14. mikenuve213 says:

    whats the title of the song?

  15. Capilee says:

    @danielm94437 Music has been this way for a long time man…

  16. chriisdate says:

    ♥ 😮

  17. ImthePelican says:

    You guys make me not want to dance.

  18. killermicrobe says:

    nice flow 🙂

  19. danielm94437 says:

    this is the future of music

  20. sweetskeet says:

    uhhh you guys are the shit!!

  21. ShowStoppers!!! 😉


  22. 91xoxo says:

    @AyyyBE wow!!!!!!!!1 i want to improve my shuffle!!! long time i never shuffle…teach mehhhhh…

  23. DEViiNDAWG says:

    damnn BE Getss downn.!

  24. ohmyjoshhh says:

    @OBEYxSLIM haha is someone jealous?

  25. ishuffle46 says:

    LETS SEE YO COPYCAT try and pull those moves!!! <3 ahahahahahah i love biancaaa <3 🙂

  26. Eqiduc says:

    Be has an awesome style, goes with the Music and the beat. Slim puts much passion into the song… very nice keep it up 🙂 Btw when u have time check my video out, same song just at home and the quality is sorta f*** up but who cares … ~Ben

  27. redline156 says:

    Slim u are so gorgeous

  28. baybeeluvsonek says:

    ill Be Wearing Bright Red Boots! heh <3

  29. pskiller99 says:

    Wtf, Be are you a Emo?:O
    That’s Not Meanie But iam Fkin Blind >.< And Slim, i Thougd that ur Fucking Changed. I watched Basement Rock Be n Slim 24/7 Love you Girls:)

  30. AyyyBE says:

    @ohmyjoshhh Haha Thanks man!

  31. AyyyBE says:

    @baybeeluvsonek Hopefully 🙂

  32. baybeeluvsonek says:

    Cool Hopee To See You Thereee! <33

  33. armstrongify says:

    she is so hot !!!

  34. OBEYxSLIM says:

    @baybeeluvsonek of course (;

  35. baybeeluvsonek says:

    Are You Girls Gonna Be Att Beyondd????

  36. sickokid420 says:

    be my valentine:) lol <3