jay bee rocka

25 Responses to “Jb Rocka Semi Final Comp@Eskimo Joy”

  1. satanicbeener13 says:

    no? its in malasyia

  2. clyde49er says:

    its in japan??

  3. mehmeh55 says:

    which remix is this? song please?

  4. Jolicious88 says:

    Live forever Jaybee Rocka…
    Rockappalooza la…

  5. TheEyca says:

    jbteen rocka figthing!!!!!

  6. colombianmike88 says:

    what is the song at 3:23

  7. GangztaCurry94 says:

    i can do most of this
    except sync

  8. multiplicater says:

    afie tade ke ??

  9. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    this is mad …. jb rocka rawks…

  10. KaTanaLeParkour says:

    fuck dude !

    damn nice performance !

    keep it up !

  11. mosher22 says:

    one of the best shuffle videos!nice:)

  12. syaronie says:

    aq rse diorg ni de tiru someone nye style la..

  13. boyhk99 says:

    lntk r!

  14. None of you limewire fags will get Knockout – C, which is actually produced by Activator.

  15. cikaro85 says:

    Cruz & The White - Make It Faster

  16. cikaro85 says:

    Cruz & The White – Make It Faster

  17. cikaro85 says:

    D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Keep It Coming

  18. cikaro85 says:

    1st song = Cruz & The White-Make It Faster
    2nd song = ?
    3rd song = D-Block & S-Te-Fan-Keep It Coming

  19. mantol642 says:

    apelah budak2 zaman skarang, shuffle lah heh maca-macam,x berakhlak langsung!!!

  20. tehzonk says:

    the name of th 3rd song they starts at 3:10 pls?

  21. muz1995 says:

    jb rocka no.1!

  22. muz1995 says:

    gostan gostan eyhh…
    sumpah pandai die edit stronger

  23. chunboy says:

    can some1 tell me de name of de 2nd song??
    really appreciate it

  24. sharkblast says:

    i found ajam style…
    jb rocka fuck yeah!

  25. nadiaharokshuffle says:

    u rock my world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!