Jola Eidos: Little Things, MelbourneShuffle?? MelbourneStreets!!

Streetscape of downtown Melbourne. Thanks to Jola Eidos for the mix
Video Rating: 5 / 5

25 Responses to “Jola Eidos: Little Things, MelbourneShuffle?? MelbourneStreets!!”

  1. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @supercooled .. thanks ..

  2. supercooled says:

    @GeoffJennyOliver nice editing and annotations.  Very nice city.

  3. Tubetheweb says:



    Beautiful music!!

  5. @GeoffJennyOliver Thanks Geoff! Must give you credit to your videos, always have something interesting to see whether its about melbourne or anything in general and some of the best editing ive seen. Keep it up!

  6. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @B744ER I got the download from Jola Eidos’ channel and his vid. I’ll send you the link

  7. fantastic music, where can i get it !!!

  8. MBroomhall1 says:

    Excellent Video and I agree is your best one yet. I will have to put this onto the website in a very prominent place!
    Great work Geoff

  9. Great video edit of Melbourne streets shuffle,5 *****..Marc Jones..Los Angeles,U.S.A.( Aussie Vocalist)

  10. Me encanta la música, el video es super!!

  11. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @2010dbp Thankyou Derya

  12. Love your latest vid on the Melbourne Shuffle Geoff. Top stuff!

  13. calimonkey2006 says:

    Top of Line! Thanks..

  14. really great video! keep up the good work.

  15. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @giorgiovigo ..thanks Giorgio…

  16. giorgiovigo says:

    Melbourne, beautiful city. Successful in speeding up the image creates very dynamic. Up.

  17. eliaszamburiel says:

    I love your videos so much!!!



  19. Like^^

  20. Beautyful city ;))

  21. Excellent. Very skillfully done. Are sure you don’t work for the tourist board. LOL.

  22. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @fergid Thanks Giorgio – and thanks for the sharing….

  23. Often share your short films with my friends, I have skillfully shot and edited with a soundtrack carefully studied. Excuse my English, if sometimes incomprehensible, use the Google translator. Hello, Giorgio

  24. GeoffJennyOliver says:

    @Jazzgirl8888 Thanks Jazzy. Really glad you like it so much – some of these vids take a lot of time to put together, so getting feedback is very helpful… 🙂

  25. Jazzgirl8888 says:

    BTW , Geoff , love the footage of the pedestrians in this vid ! =D
    Going straight to my faves and playlist !