Taki filmik zrobiony dla zabawy 🙂 Neville Vs Virus... part 2 😀 Enjoy! xD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Felt too awkward shuffling as my cousins watched so i only did a snippet x) Yea, not one of my best vids, but hey, atleast i made a vid=.=" Comment.Subscribe.Rate (Y) Curious about me? www.formspring.me ask me questions ;D
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Jumpstyle Vs Shuffle vol. 2 Only for FUN ^^”

  1. qwerty6894 says:

    I’ve never liked jumpstyle as much as shuffling until this video.
    It just put both of them on equal levels and now I can’t decide which I like better…. Thanks for making this such a hard decision

  2. krizar07 says:

    można prosić o nazwy piosenek? 🙂

  3. SuperPobin says:

    songs? thnx 🙂

  4. damianforever1 says:

    Super filmik ;D 5/5

  5. Jump3rKaczorek says:

    Przeczytaj to jest only 4 FUn

  6. nie no super zajebiscie to im wychodzi oczywiscie nie jumstyle bo go nielubie^^ ale shuffle ekstra

  7. Galganos19Musik says:

    Zajebiście wam idzie chłopaki:D ja się dopiero zaczynam uczyć:);]

  8. barneyboi12 says:

    hey dude man you are amazing at jump you should do a tutorial vid people could learn loads of your videos best jumpstyler ive seen dude good job should do a tutorial man good job 😉 😀

  9. jumperrinAsia says:

    hahaha.. . przy końcówce jebłam…xDDD
    a tak pozatym flmik cudo…;P ;*

  10. Koleś. Zajebsicie to robisz. Tez sie zaczynam tego uczyc ;]

  11. OAppleoo says:

    jump style is gay! @.@

  12. FRApp44300 says:

    lol that’s true i’m trying to practice learning on my own.. and jumpstyle came easier but i’m still learning but shuffle is tough you need to get the trick

  13. FRApp44300 says:

    lol no no its ok i was just curious what language that was 😛

  14. jameztrekd says:

    @FRApp44300 yeah but shuffle looks better, way better, and its alot more fun, and its not simple, i mean all jumpstyle is like 1 step but shuffle is 2 so idk. when i tried jumpstyle it was alot easier then when i shuffled xD

  15. Szarycs16 says:

    Polish…. sory my mistake i should write in english ;))

  16. FRApp44300 says:

    what language is this?

  17. FRApp44300 says:

    jumpstyle is tougher, its actually pretty much a workout lol

  18. Szarycs16 says:

    zajebiście panowie !!! oby tak dalej !!!! ;))

  19. jameztrekd says:

    shuffle is better

  20. loolipopful says:

    lol =D

  21. XxxJJRxxXSS says:

    Niceee =) i dont know dance shuffle so JumpStyle i know! =)

  22. Legendkiller0901 says:

    very good

    whats the song 1:02 ??

  23. BrandonBMusic says:

    wow this guy made jumpstyle look good.

  24. iLUVhoodys says:

    hehe;P good vid

  25. EmmaG7606 says:

    showtek santa

  26. GuangZhi97 says:

    wow, you came to singapore? was it fun? =)

  27. bbyhuniboo says:

    @supramz2 lost interest, got other things to do…

  28. supramz2 says:

    @bbyhuniboo why not?

  29. bbyhuniboo says:

    @supramz2 nope

  30. supramz2 says:

    do u still shuffle?

  31. bbyhuniboo says:

    @buiphuchai ua em la nguoi viet, em di vietnam tam ngia dinh

  32. buiphuchai says:

    ủa @.@ bạn là người Việt àh… thấy cảnh phía sau thì đúng là ở Việt Nam thật ;))

  33. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    nice shuffling…. great mixes of songs… 5*

    HOTB(USA)//AmiX a.k.a. Faithbreaker

  34. PobedaIII says:

    wow, nice dancing skills there lady! 🙂

  35. love2shuffle123 says:

    @bbyhuniboo nice shuffle and cwalk hey can u tell me the second song? it sounds so cool to shuffle 2

  36. @bbyhuniboo =( yea i know ayee shuffle and c walk not in anymore lolol dont wana get looked down upon =) butt.. just shufffle for funs xD

  37. bbyhuniboo says:

    @wtfyee yea i know x] my cwalk is pretty horrible hey, oh well, don’t do this shit anymore…

  38. rofls ur gudd at shuffling but shit at cwalk hehe =)

  39. TAKEyourCREATURE says:

    @Genithus alot of Koreans too shuffle dude. but you do know that melbourne shuffle was made in australia hence.. the MELBOURNE

  40. OfficialDJDopeMan says:

    OMG! i love your vids. really impressive xD your style is HELLA smooth.. beautiful

  41. RichtsbergTV says:

    Verry Cool C walk move´s ! Go ! Go!

  42. Woot! Vietmamese people are pretty epic. :3 Oh wait, that means I am epic. ;D

  43. ChocoMilkxD says:

    wahh pretty girl~

  44. heyz girl 😀 awsome walk btw was wondering wat camera u use, need to get meh dedi’s out


  45. Genithus says:

    @bbyhuniboo I’m asian too, so does that mean I’m being racist to myself >.

  46. bbyhuniboo says:

    lol that’s a bit racist…
    well yea i’m viet

  47. Genithus says:

    I’m guessing you’re either vietnamese or chinese? because alot asian in Australia love to shuffle and C-walk especially vietnamese.

  48. 1smallratball says:

    Awesome video nice shuffle 5** and awesome walk 5**. It’s awesome that u mixed 2 very popular dances and did well at it.

  49. prettyaznjohnny says:

    your cute=P

  50. joseluisA24 says:

    VErY AwESOME!!! i LIke ThE FaCT YoUU WeRe aBle To MiX it Up wItH 2 AmaZiNG DaNcEsz!!! YOuuR A VeRy GrEaT DaNcER!!! =]