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!!EVERDAY IM SHUFFLING!! 3 !!HARD!!! Yehhh i like to shuffle. instead of study . . . which i should be doing hahaha. Like if you enjoy! subscribe for part 2 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Just a Dream – Party Rock Anthem – Shuffle for fun (Official Dance Video)”

  1. whimberg says:

    yheeeeeeeeeaaaaaa: this great brother, I like your style

  2. DARKER1FULL says:

    woo oh man this is awesome, the song is great and dancing amazing (Y)

  3. BorjaSonic says:

    casi 32.000 visitas … vaya locura

  4. Dimmye829 says:

    great shuffle amzing

  5. RaDuuJumper says:

    Siempre veo este video, haber si nos vemos en el proximo meeting de zaragoza
    Cuando haces video bailando jump?

  6. Andreyzz25 says:

    в Испании )

  7. Bonito muy bonito:)

  8. Andreyzz25 says:

    My twitter in description :)

  9. rusli21345 says:

    ajaja no es tan patetico como decias ;)

  10. Zion374 says:

    nc bro u really gud

  11. mucholokobro976 says:

    now THAT was pretty boss XD

  12. ThebAbYstar209 says:

    This video crazy lol xD

  13. amaksiutenko7 says:

    me to i tova!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Aldriic says:

    Nice Holy 🙂


  15. wahlaonousernameone says:

    good as a vid, good cinematography. uh shuffle…? maybe not as good heh.

  16. irenesmith1124 says:

    cool shuffle dance! do you have an facebook / twitter account? :)

  17. andyking50 says:

    Respect Dude!

  18. Smexy442 says:

    hink youre cuite

  19. 14pacomemo says:

    strange clouds bob please man shuffle

  20. yageleden says:

    Much better but try going on the beat
    if you know DJ try to sync your “dancing BPM” with the music
    u dont have to dance faster to match the bit
    u can go slower to fit
    Good luck 🙂

  21. shockjumper1 says:

    Amaziiing! :O

  22. shadowlawx1 says:

    dude tht spin looks so nice
    must been all the pratice u had to 2 do
    keep it up

  23. jamiea58 says:

    how do u shuffle front words

  24. 2429alejandro says:

    me gusta como haces el running man eres un makina 🙂

  25. The22ndChannel says:

    its Rebirth by Ran D ft b front

  26. HardstyleNickE says:


  27. EveryStylez says:

    haha ok so i’ve watched spinachcookie’s videos a lot, including this one. BUT.. what is the name of the last song he shuffles to when he goes crrazy!

  28. Jheric Fuqer says:

    try shufflin naked..X)

  29. REPTOman101 says:

    black phatt pants just look them up

  30. issy123456789100 says:

    WOW O.O  XD

  31. Tewe576 says:

    you are so hard, i like it 😉

  32. “shuffle” ur foot basically haha

  33. better that way n where did u get your phatties?

  34. connorhall70 says:

    1:27 WTF how did you slide from 1 part like that with NO momentum

  35. XSenseiiShuffleXxx says:

    Dude youre amazing !!’

  36. awegjlappenaeofgihn says:

    1:05 where can ic get THIS pants ? ^^

  37. SuperProshuffler says:

    thanks you!

  38. ran-d & b-front rebith

  39. SuperProshuffler says:

    argh!! whats the first song!?!?!

  40. Tireeel says:


  41. amazing  thats perfect

  42. EmilyRocks42 says:

    i accidently clicked dislike but i clicked like twice.sorry about that.anyways you are an awsome shuffler 😀

  43. keenanfriday285 says:

    You, Hsu Impact and Hsk/mikki are my favorite shufflers 😀

  44. h1psterlink says:

    What’s the last song?

  45. mjlravers says:

    hsa…go to hsa…or hsj, or hbm, or hda…any crew…

  46. RiK3Nig3l says:

    Ist Song: Ran-d & B-Front – Rebirth, Like so people can see 😀

  47. flamesofk0fan112 says:

    thats the first song, >.>

  48. AliefRDB says:

    Last song?

  49. AliefRDB says:

    Ran D B front – Rebirth