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50 Responses to “Kauno Shuffle Meet-up 2009.01.17 [LT]”

  1. TheBassBoyy says:

    aj botu dauguma geriau uz ta dauguma susokciau

  2. TheBassBoyy says:

    aj dauguma botuku geriau uz juos pasokciau tuos dauguma

  3. parkuras3 says:

    oba o galvojau kad lietuvoj jaunimas tik alu moka gert…malaciai! hardstyle f0r3v4!

  4. maxhenrry says:

    the list by music please 🙂

  5. MartynasBuzz says:

    nu pabaiga buvo HAHHA :DDD ai nu tie techtonikai mes shuflerei:DDxDd

  6. MartynasBuzz says:

    kokio cia amziau waikai soko????buvo devynmeciu?

  7. MartynasBuzz says:

    man ziariai patiko kai sweetas soko 0:57 ir kokia daina buwo kai sweetas soko?????

  8. man pvz 12 metu moku ir jumpint ir shufflint aisku uz jueos negeriau. mldc kns !!

  9. DomantoMedia says:

    Kaimas geriausia soko /:D

  10. Rrvinasas says:

    O iskur zn kad gausiu i galva 😀
    Mat ne tik shuflioriu ten yra bet ir ekstrasensu

  11. karolisasa says:

    lt mldc visiem reklamuasiu

  12. karolisasa says:

    lt mldc visiem reklamuasiu

  13. karolisasa says:

    lt mldc visiem reklamuasiu

  14. karolisasa says:

    lt mldc visiem reklamuasiu

  15. DomantoMedia says:


  16. renxelokoloryyr says:

    @Rrvinasas man atrodo tu pats galetum atsakyt i klausima ar lygus asfaltas kai gausi i galva ir gulesi tada galesi analizuoti asfalta kaune 😉

  17. mazilis100 says:

    @MartynasBuzz ane 😀 man 11 pavydzui

  18. mazilis100 says:

    gal kas gali pasakyti kokia danai kur taddy soko plz busiu dekngsa 🙂

  19. gerai soka

  20. MartynasBuzz says:

    man ziauriai patiko sweetas

  21. MartynasBuzz says:

    gr ten parase Nepasislepsi:P ir visai gerai susoko visi.as visai noreciau i toki meet nes man 9 metai ir ten visi buvo panasus i mane…

  22. MrGvidasss says:

    Pzdc nicka Kaimas x DDD

  23. ledinjuke says:

    o dieve kokie dar visi jauni ;O

  24. Rrvinasas says:

    O ple marozai shuffleriai 😀 speju kaune lygus asvaltas 🙂

  25. Nu klausykit Kaunas pavarot. 😀

  26. Godsmackrules572 says:

    Awesome mix dude 😛 gona start shuffling and use some of the songs in your mixes to help get me started 😀

  27. CHAT00NETTE says:

    Shufflling for everr !!!! ^^ Hardstyle my religion <3

  28. odirlei123pain says:

    Top 10 Melb Shuffle…

  29. PAiNleAver says:

    2 thumbs up ^^

    srry i wanted to give more but i dont really got more xD

  30. MrShuffle4ever says:


  31. AlonsoSalaiz says:

    I Think the 1st Song Is More Electro/Malaysain Than Harstyle

  32. °º¤ø„¸HARDSTYLE„ø¤º°¨
    From Fresno, California!

  33. very nice 🙂 i love it!! 😀


  34. sealsmith says:

    my old car love shuffle music =)

  35. matheusinhu14 says:

    5/5 you’re the best

  36. stnereprojects says:

    word from the gang 5/5 (L)

    if ur not in in it for the love of the music would u pleasee…. FUCK OFF!!! =D love this part

  37. MixStyleA says:

    geill geht gut ab 😀

  38. SeriousSam505 says:

    TLVspotter the artist is “your mom”

  39. ZeRoGRiMMjOW says:

    lol the song kockout-c the real name is dj activator-knockout-c

  40. Rekcals25 says:

    First off, ponyboy is without a doubt the gayest name I’ve ever seen.
    2nd off if you live in America GTFO
    if you don’t live in america Stay off our websites you peice of trash.

  41. PONYBOY430 says:

    paully you are us, we are bustin every day for you.can we take your place?no.you fuck paully.how about gordo?no. how about bee?no.how about me?mikey?sure.try it mike.ok .fuck off america you make me sick.

  42. PONYBOY430 says:

    what the fuck are we talking about gentlemen.fucking is fucking.tecno rules in 2009.but what the fuck i am a fifties rebel and you fucks rule today.love is all their is .mike scott canada.

  43. Try LimeWire. You can find everything that you want unless it’s very unknown

  44. Where can i find:
    -Speedwave- The hardstyle factory
    – Knockout- C

    Ive been looking forever and i love the songs but i cant find them anywhere

  45. think you might meen transition… but i could be wrong…hi how are you … NOOO I DONT WANNA GIVE YOU A SPONGE BATH GRANDMA!!! :,(

  46. MegaGannon says:

    omfg RAVE is EVERYTHING … look it up on wikipedia …

  47. ravers isnt hardstyle its techno

  48. what are the individual songs on this remix?

  49. TranceExplosion says:

    ravers fantasy is euro trance

  50. 1st song the italian guy that went to malta vid so fun!!!! XD