This is a video of the basic kicks for the melbourne shuffle and running man

25 Responses to “kick basics”

  1. TheMilitaryDude8 says:

    I learned shuffling by this vid, check out what I became, pro stylez check out my vid

  2. Slowmos sound like OM NOM NOM NOM

  3. ShippudenKLD100 says:


  4. killa213213rs says:

    this helps but the running man kik is gonna b very tricky

  5. McEpicPants says:

    you sound like a monster when it goes into slow motion

  6. nice

  7. epic tutorial vid! =) hey everyone if u guys can just take some of your times and take a alook at our new shuffle vid that we just post up that would be super great and much appreciated =) were from USA los angeles, california. just click on my youtube name and itll take u to our channel with the vid =) comment and subscribe plz =) peace nd love =)

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  9. Jessicagnade says:

    there no thing ‘better’ for your shoe’s then shuffling xD

  10. shadowjester430 says:

    I’ve just started learning how to shuffle like yesterday and I got recommended to watch your videos to help me learn how but I was wondering, is it better to practice the melbourne shuffle first or the running man? Or would you recommend practicing both equally?

  11. noramoreland1 says:

    thanks man i couldn’t get it right untill i saw this video

  12. @Brian020392 i know right(:

  13. @Brian020392 I know right!

  14. angerfista1 says:

    hehe if u hear good in slow motion its the sound of a hungry lion XD

    btw good video

  15. Brian020392 says:

    good job but the slow mo part creeped me out

  16. i got the whole shuffle down in two weeks, ..From Running man to shuffle, kicks to spins, got it all down in two weeks. <3
    Practice Makes Perfect and i proved it <33

  17. loving the videos im gonna try to get it down one day lol

  18. CristalRIvera101 says:

    Thank You Very Much πŸ˜€ Now I Know How To do it πŸ™‚

  19. ConorRockz98 says:

    all your vids have helped me learn how to shuffle in about 4 weeks, thanks heaps πŸ™‚

  20. lilkiddo69 says:

    is dis in dandy???? btw really helped thx

  21. @samehx1112 Well it realy all depends on your terms of perfect just don’t stop trying to do better. Oh and If you put a lot of effort you probably could get it down in 2-6 months. then its onto puting what you learnd together into an awsome display of moves. πŸ˜‰

  22. samehx1112 says:

    @aduffyguy how long should it take from me to learn how to shuffle perfect? coz , it`s a bit hard to get used to it and all that mixed moves πŸ˜€ u know !!
    πŸ˜€ thnx for reply

  23. @samehx1112 probably the shuffle because its just awsome

  24. aduffyguy says:

    Fourtunatly I picked up runing man fairly quickly the actual shuffle…..

  25. samehx1112 says:

    should i learn the kick 1st or the melbourne shuffle ?