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25 Responses to “Kidd Kaos Promo Video (Melbourne Shuffle)”

  1. 2009heyhow says:

    2:27 ghost captured on tape

  2. TheBlueCooKiEx3 says:

    4:30 WTF he is cheating xD

  3. HardstyleTonic says:

    @TheBlueCooKiEx3 I would stop hating justin if that was acualy him xD

  4. laushinlab77 says:

    Класс супер)))

  5. laushinlab77 says:

    Класс супер)))

  6. SaintyCanShuffle says:


  7. CreepySally98 says:

    enryoki ! *O*

  8. wahlaonousernameone says:

    awesome compilation, kidd kaos is awesome too xD

  9. Rema4Life says:

    the first one’s the best, awesome style.

  10. Solstaere says:

    lulu…my favourite 😀

  11. Shishafreund says:

    Wow.. I am over 3 years in the shuffle scene now.. and those shufflers are also called “pro’s” they know what they do 😉
    LOVE to the REAL melbourne shuffle ♥

  12. blitzdrogePUNKTde says:

    4:05 Opel RulezZ nice dancers ][R3SPeCCt][“””””””

  13. @31januarboy1997 Control Interface bruh

  14. fuckupthatsmyname says:

    @TheBlueCooKiEx3 Justin bieber is the only one that thinks he can shuffle,him and his fans who think he’s their bf xD

  15. @TheBlueCooKiEx3

    well… Jsutin Bieber can’t dance.. 🙂

  16. 31januarboy1997 says:

    whats the nemae of the 2nd track ? its so *-*

  17. xoMescalinexo says:

    so cool ist er nicht



  19. leandronos says:

    @TheJumpstyler21 at the end of the video 😉

  20. Aspharr111 says:

    @xXKiwyXx wer bist du ? XD

  21. @Aspharr111 haha paddy xD

  22. looks like jumpstyle(girls dancing)

  23. TheJumpstyler21 says:

    Playlist Pleas 

  24. enryoki = best ;D

  25. midnightyea says:

    @TheBlueCooKiEx3 no thats his hetero twin Jack Bieber….and…damn hes tearin shit up o,o