higgo ask me connor and jordan to do a shuffle for year 12's

25 Responses to “kirwan high year 12 perade townsville shuffle”

  1. MrSuperbmx says:

    lol mr galager just walk past

  2. HBLRavenn says:

    2:35 owwwnzzz ;P

  3. blackwulf97films says:

    haha i love bass agents black winter its like the best song ever! yous did really gud!! XD!! wish i was there!

  4. thepro4817 says:

    @iamstick1 that’s disgusting why would you do a three way with two other dudes

  5. areyu93 says:

    Why does everyone suck except the second kid?

  6. 619killa123 says:

    connor and jordan own all woo

  7. goldenratio16183 says:

    my BFFL and I give a rate of 95 Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jorddo32 says:

    last song?

  9. fr33run1 says:

    ur all sexeh ;D hahaha

  10. iamstick1 says:

    Dominate Melbourne mix

  11. shufflingrox11 says:

    wats the third kids song

  12. oneman1425 says:

    got to love bass agents i mix there songs together all the time XD

  13. iamstick1 says:

    I would love to do it again but do a 3 way combo

  14. shufflingrox11 says:

    this is the best vid eva

  15. Kshuffle22 says:

    Check this battle /watch?v=7ZQt7psaqbk

  16. ranganator180 says:

    Nice it would of sucked not to choose ur own song but it was a pre good song just needed timing u shoul check me out

  17. shufflingrox11 says:

    the third kid is mad

  18. technoforevah1 says:

    hey what is the song the last guy(mitch) is shuffling too and good work jordyn and first guy keep practising youll get there bud.

  19. awesome mitch and the other guys

  20. iamcub1 says:

    awesome mitch and the other guys

  21. hpjackson1 says:

    pretty shame but yeah its really good.

  22. Kshuffle22 says:

    @Kshuffle22 Check out my vids

  23. Kshuffle22 says:

    @Kshuffle22 Check out my vids

  24. Kshuffle22 says:

    I’m new to it lol, You inspired me

  25. iamstick1 says:

    @edealious yeah it sucked cause I didn’t get to choose my own song and plus I didn’t no the song so that sucked to