We went for a walk down a main road and stopped where ever we saw some kind of light lol. Check it out. www.icandyclothing.com
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25 Responses to “Kyren Odyssey – Melbourne Shuffle – Gone for a walk”

  1. your jacket is annoying 🙁

  2. R32SKYLINEBWD says:

    this is tragic

  3. 0:52 it is you kyren ?? i was wondering if its you and now im wondering again 0.o and its fuc*ing cool that move ^^

  4. fubudude123 says:

    what happened to cwalking?

  5. melbourne shuffle is probly da best thing a white boi could do better than anyone exept aisans….not racist

  6. LOLS!!!! maybe he is just busy something

  7. BurningPureLight says:

    1st song?

  8. headhunterz – chickz on fire

  9. wha happend! kyren aint posting no more new videos. did he die?

  10. undergroundShuffler says:

    lmao at the tea!!! you guys are good! keep it up, check out my half assed vids haha

  11. name of first song ;)?

    5* xD

  12. name of the first song plssssssss!!!

  13. 1netterUser09 says:

    Ja, mega-Affen-Titten-geil!
    -Hahahah! Ne, wirklich gut!!

  14. JuMpErCH40S says:


  15. at the beginning it was cool “chool”:))

  16. H4ShAmYeMeN says:

    The song is very strong and distinct and terrible editing . . |

  17. Anthony92841 says:

    if you read the title it doesnt say c-walk…

  18. Edvards12345 says:

    No, it’s Melbourne Shuffle.

  19. is it c-walk?

  20. TheNach00 says:


  21. grizzlybear198 says:

    hickz on Fire – Natte Asbak
    Drunken Monkeys – Calabria
    arent really good for the hard style shuffling you need somthing with more bass like early soundz or colours of the harder style and lamenting city for the intro

  22. cloud5353 says:

    it’s 10 degrees out…you expect them to wear t-shirts?…lmao

  23. xhardraller says:

    quit the big jacket xD this isnt c-walk .. you dont have to wear gangster cloth 😀
    and both (sorry if theres more than 2) needs practice ..
    keep it up !

  24. GOOD VID

  25. krzchanman says:

    doing the melbourne shuffle is only good with the music if its techno or somethin