League of Legends- Viktor- Shuffle Dance (LoL)

Watch me shuffle with Viktor at- www.youtube.com The leaked champion "Viktor's" shuffle routine. I do not own either of the clips or music in this video. Everything you see is for entertainment purposes only and non-for profit. Clips were used without permission, though i do not claim any of the clips as mine. In game League of legends clip is by philzeh- www.youtube.com Shuffling video is by amyroxas- www.youtube.com Song: D-Block and Stefan feat. MC Villian- Keep it coming I encourage all viewers of this video to check out there channels and subscribe, rate and comment to help them out. Thanks.
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24 Responses to “League of Legends- Viktor- Shuffle Dance (LoL)”

  1. CombineRustler says:

    While you might think from Viktor’s lore that he’s probably a bit of a shut-in, but the man is evidently not lagging behind when it comes to bustin’ a move.

  2. TortillaMamut says:

    Fag Fag Fag, noob shuffle man. Don´t comment that on shuffle videos

  3. Dragonboy664 says:

    Best dance out of all and volibears is second

  4. StrikaShot says:


  5. TheAngelofFlame says:

    Pae and Sarah should be proud lol

  6. ChristopherIsScared says:

    So, it definitely shouldn’t have been.

  7. HorusFlint says:

    so song should’ve been party rock.

  8. MeisterLampe155 says:

    ich bin auch shuffle und so wie die tanzen ist es schwer das kann ich nicht

  9. Xx1Ryan1xX says:

    better them than that shit lmfao shuffle

  10. fierguy says:


  11. mardorf77 says:

    I can’t believe it! The video game copied pae and sarah!

  12. NipponNoUtaIchiban says:

    wow, u have to make a youtube account “championviktor” just to post this up. Get a life bro *trolls*

  13. Simeonarakis says:

    i put any song of jumpstyle on dance of victor and its fking same to all I LOVE THIS HERO

  14. RocketRaccoon99 says:

    He is my Favorite, He can shuffle AND IS THE RUSSIAN MR.FREEZE!

  15. xzibit23456 says:

    pae&sarah are the best 😛

  16. himynameispuky says:

    Malzahar, Victor and Xerath are my fav champs. Guess why?

  17. marda379 says:

    Everygame I’m shufflin’

  18. its d-block & es-te-fan keep it coming, best hardstyle song ever made

  19. detroidxl says:


  20. OmglolNarutorules says:

    Every day I’m Death Raying

  21. ZenkeiHitaki says:

    Viktor: Everyday im shuf-fling!

  22. MrJonas990 says:

    Mee too

  23. punishshot says:

    kill enemy. shuffle on their body. laugh next target.

  24. ChampionViktor says:

    The songs called: D-Block and Stefan feat. MC Villian- Keep it Coming.