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Mostly 2009 hardstyle shuffle songs Comment + rate and i will post the playlist. Playlist RELEASED. 1. LCK - Testing waters 2. Kamui - Electro Slut (original mix) 3. Organ Donors - Teardrop 4. Bk - revolution 2009 (alex kidd & kidd kaos remix) 5. Dj Slideout - Bloody pimp 6. Lisa lashes. alex kidd & kidd kaos - New religion 7. Unknown analoq - MFG 8. Dark oscillators - Superstar Dj (dub mix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Learn 2 Shuffle 01 Melbourne Shuffle Basics”

  1. pelican116 says:


  2. Sweet tnx…^^

  3. Painwalker2 says:

    thats a fake from bigmilan!!!!

  4. Befany2009 says:

    wow! Thanx heap! That was so much help! It took a little while to get the changing ways but in the end it was awesome! Thanx! =)

  5. thnxx mann this really helps 😀

  6. penut123kkk says:


  7. lucasDeLuxe says:

    Gibt es nicht genau so eine nur in deutsch 🙁

  8. Stckfigureman says:

    Good Turtorial,
    THX You

  9. Thrs way better toutorials this ones confusing

  10. shareef301 says:

    Was reposting BigMilan’s tutorial necessary? You didn’t give any credit to him.

  11. Very educational

  12. mummysgirl96 says:

    it helped me so much at ethe beginning 😮 wow.

  13. i got stupid wen i watch ur video lol

  14. HSBlunawing says:

    Nice! now ive seen u vid sometimes ive trained in a month and im getting skill now! 🙂 thanks xD

  15. kameahdanikkajacquie says:


    whoop whoop ;p

  16. mydarkmemorys says:

    damn hes good

  17. PowerPunsch says:

    great man^^

  18. RockChickGodess says:

    hey thanx so much buddy for helping me. where ever u go where i live everyone shuffles and i really want to learn

  19. Speedwayman666 says:

    hey thanx thats helpful i hav kinda put my own flavour in2 shuffling and got a dance mixin shuffling wit poppin and ticking

  20. thanks i had a little har at it in the start but beginning to get the now 😀

  21. Awsome video u got there partner. It’s very helpful. 😀

  22. when i shuffle, i dont put my foot down behind my other, i put it to the side, not like a kick though? ; hell weird.

  23. xxSpAzzLexx says:

    nice =]

  24. i love u. I am trying to do my best thank you very much man… I gonna wach u hundreds time till ill learn 😉 thx.

  25. Thx man, im learning from you atm. I have a rly hard time switching atm.
    But i love to see the ppl as you say like going stupid 😀

    But the thing is that I still have trouble switching, but going stupid is easy and fun ^^

  26. christianz2010 says:

    @xstr33tr4cerx just wait till the artist sell themselves out along with the dj. WE CANT LET IT HAPPEND, THEY HAVE RUINED TO MUCH GOOD STUFF LIKE THAT

  27. afromandog says:

    these songs just grew dicks and had a bukkake on my eardrums

  28. EricB042389 says:

    LOL @ 5

  29. ihanamies1 says:

    bloody pimp not kinda 2010

  30. ihanamies1 says:

    name of the first song

  31. I downloaded this and shuffled like a pro a<3

  32. Dreams0nStandby says:

    amazing list man superb music

  33. butheadjoe says:

    Where do you get these songs from? cant find them on limewire 🙁

  34. xstr33tr4cerx says:

    @shadowninja7194 so true

  35. shadowninja7194 says:

    @xstr33tr4cerx it never will

  36. love these songs there just amazing

  37. KittyKittys10114 says:

    Woah.. Lol. Love It!!! XD

  38. love number 5 XD effing sick man

  39. @troyshereforu look at the description

  40. oh my god this touches my heart I’m in love with techno(shuffle, elctro, and jumpstyle)

  41. oh my god this touches my heart I’m in love with techno(shuffle, elctro, and jumpstyle)

  42. troyshereforu says:

    What are the names of the songs???? Don’t know all of them …..Enjoying

  43. bisowyshadow says:


  44. wow fucken sick… thanks.

  45. i hate people who say techno fag not evryone listens to beyonsay fucking noobs

  46. gabeduhbabe says:

    its funny, to me thiss music is only good when i pop a pill.
    if i’m sober i dont like it as much.

  47. love number .2 its fucking sick and love the beat!!!

  48. AndyPayt0n says:


  49. zebrasteve13 says:

    ¸„ø¤º°¨ for life °º¤ø„

  50. killah2594 says:

    ( .Y .)
    ) . (
    ( v )